Link Dump 2010.03.18

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Things to make
Peter Dekker shares an illustrated how to for wrapping your Chinese sword grips. (336 kb) (via)

Speaking of wrapping things, ITS Tactical wraps a mini-prybar with paracord and shows you how with photographic step by step and a video

Tying It All Together has instructional videos for Ashley's flower knot (ABok #2445) on youTube and Wonder How To (which is just a redirect to the youTube, but you can browse around to see if they have anything that youTube doesn't)

Illustrated how to make Celtic knot cookies!

Net tyer Rita Bartholomew of Knots Indeed has started a new teaching site where she plans to offer online netting classes. A free sample class call Preparing to Net to help you decide if you want to sign up.

A knot to tie in your iPod headphone cables so that they don't end up... tied in knots. 8)

The fisherman's bend presented in text in the context of jewelry made in leather

In the news
A nice article about Chinese knot tyer Michelle Huang in ... Boston (? the writer of the article is Michelle's granddaughter and is in Boston)

Traditional (Korean) crafts at a glance. Brief blurb about Maedeup with small picture. From this, though, I noticed they name the craft maedeupjang (매듭장). Everything else on the list is also "jang". Now 매듭 is, of course, "knot". 매듭장 doesn't Google Translate and 장 translates as "chapter" but I'm guessing a more accurate translation might be "discipline", "art" or "craft"

Boy scouts in Orlando go for the world record in knotted (square) rope chain length

A very nice cache of fishing knot how tos illustrated by video. All free (by donation). (via)

Another cache of video how tos for fishing knots.

Photographically illustrated how to for tying a swiveling doodad (boltsnap) to a hose. Apparently something that divers need to do. (via)

A tool for helping you tie the nail knot

An unillustrated how to for the clinch knot.

And an illustrated one

And a video for the clinch knot (via>

A discussion of fly fishing knots. Read the URL.

Things to buy
The URL below says it all. No price that I saw, but it's pretty though...

A ring composed of 3 overhand knots tied in silver two different kinds of gold

Text only description of how to tie a half windsor knot which links to a page that includes a video

Text only description of how to tie the Prince Albert

Video of how to give someone a (temporary) Celtic knot arm tattoo with face paint (via)

A short discussion with photos of the permanent type

More of this "things nautical are fashionable now" including a knotted necklace

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