Basics: Knot Anatomy: The Making Of: Part 5

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creeper knot in black, white and greyback of creeper knot in black, white and grey So here's the creeper knot. You'll notice the free ends extending to either side versus the usual free ends making up an ear of the knot. That's because the creeper is meant to wrap around an object, like the bow on a package. The description in the book makes me think that she maybe wanted "vine" versus "creeper" but...

So, having all my components, I started in on the illustrations:
knot anatomy illustration with circles knot anatomy illustration with arrows I like the colour highlighting for the structural loops, and the midpoint arrows fine, but neither colour highlighting or arrows for the ears are doing it for me. In the case of the double coin knot, the structural part interferes with the arrow highlighting. With everything else there just seem to be too many arrows (I did have a version with every ear and it's own arrow. That was just crazy. 8). Maybe the problem is with putting all the example knots in a single illustration where it all starts to get overwhelming...?

In any case, it look like this is another project to set aside and brood on while I wait for inspiration to strike. After all, I have a give away tassel to make, a light pull for my MiL, a possible workshop for elementary school kids, a how to page for the good luck knot to finish, a workbook on the simple knot to finish, ... oh and taxes to do. 8(

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