double plafond prototype alternating simple knots Just to see what would happen, next I tied the fourth simple knot in a alternate orientation (right over left vs left over right) squaring things up to see that would happen. Yep, not much, again.

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double plafond prototype with more simple knots So, I was writing up the preamble to my instructions for the plafond knot and was thinking about how one might logically expand this knot. It has no ears and the usual construction methods are resolutely square, so the idea of making something not quadrilateral based seemed unlikely (although just typing that has given me a little bit of an idea... 8). But the idea still seemed worth pursuing. I knew that Lydia Chen had come up with 2 variations, but I had something else in mind.

So, fully expecting nothing much, I continued the usual plafond construction method and tied 2 extra simple knots before bringing the free ends up and then back down through the middle of the knot. Yep, nothing much.

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Didn't realize I hadn't made this public a long time ago, another tag: jewelry braids.

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Chinese Knot book 2 cover scan I keep resolving to scan and review my entire knotty (and braid-y) book library, but I've only done one or two so far for the blog.

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pentagonal stellar knot in red, white, and blue with cut ears A pentagonal stellar knot tied in red, white and blue in a tribute to the flag colours and stars. Since I wanted the colours to remain in the same order as they went around the knot, the ears could not nest as is usually desirable in a ribbon style multi-strand knot. Instead the colours cross as shown below. Knowing this would happen, I had planned to cut the ears when I started thinking of the design. Once cut, it was both less and more than I expected as the cut ends were more chaotic than I was expecting, although down near the body of the knot the doubled colour alignment from the front and back layers was... well, I'm still trying to decide how much I like or dislike it. 8)

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maple leaf with hexagonal flower core and double coin points A maple leaf for Canada Day. What can I say, maybe next year I'll knot a beaver or a moose. 8)

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Enjoy. 8)

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