Blogiversary: First Month Pushed Back

So, my one month blogiversary give away tassel is incomplete and late for which I apologize, but then you are late too. Despite Google Analytics telling me that there are about 100 of you who have visited the site more than 100 times (which is interesting because there’s only about 60 blog postings), no one left a comment on the original blogiversary posting, so were it done I would have had to keep it in any case.

Were y’all waiting to see the finished product to see if it was worth your while? Are there comment posting problems that I am unaware of? If that’s the case tell me.

So, let’s push it back a month. Post a comment to the original blogiversary, posting which is still sticky to be top of the blog, and you’ll be entered to win both the tassel and set of materials used for making the tassel. Sound good? 8)


One month blog aversary giveaway!

Hello! I have come to visit your site several times before and have not left a comment up till now. I think a photo of your finished product would have motivated more comments? Well, Keep up the good work and come and have a look at my blog sometime. I have a 5 second to answer poll on my site and have noticed that no one is taking it... I don't really know why people hesitate so? I think the giveaway idea is great and had been thinking about doing so to boost my visitors response. Let me know how it all worked out! Good luck!
veronique McKay

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