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woven bao knotsLately I've been working on many different things and for some reason not finishing any of them. *sigh*

So, I've scanned step by step instructions for the double coin knot, creeper knot, cross knot, plafond knot, 2 methods for tying the sauvastika knot, and also the square or flat knot.

You'll notice that most of the links above are what is clearly work in progress and sort of look broken. This is my way. Someday they'll be proper completed pages. Why wait to link? 8)

Things to buy
The Adachi Kumihimo shop/gallery (安達くみひも館) in Kyoto. Some shop products including marudai, kakudai, takadai, tama and silk

An interesting "knotted" rope ring.

Not so much knotty or braided as just string-y, but nifty in any case, a very string-y dress.

This says "Alamar knot" keychain. I look at that and say "double coin" or "carrick bend".

Pretty pictures
A string painting of a dragon. Some knots involved.

A more dramatic string painting of a dragon, with more knots.

Elaborate knotted wallhanging.

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You see the pictures of Korean braiding stands from time to time. The hard core Korean knot tyers braid their own cord. It's a beautiful piece of machinery and just as a sculptural object, nifty looking. I have yearned after one for years.

Note: another linkdump in progress that was never posted. Where was my head?

In the news
Lush has replaced their gift packaging with furoshiki (fabric wrap, usually knotted). (via)

Dr. Charl P. Botha blogs about bowline knots including some instructional videos from youTube.

The American Alpine Institute - Climbing Blog reposts some instructional videos on the truckers' hitch and the water knot.

Things to buy
These cute string tied in a bow rings are made of brass and powder coated are designed by Kiel Mead,

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beaded crown sinnet sampler
I wanted to do something both knotty and beady, generally decorative and it would be best if it were wearable... I've had a project in mind for a few years now that is mostly just a name, plus a vague idea of fringe to go with the knotty and beadedness. Time to execute! Or is it? Best to sample first. I had the idea that I wanted the fibre base to fill the beads fully as possible but still thread through without too much angst and bought some yarn accordingly (it's about the same size as 6 strand embroidery thread). Black because everything goes with black. Then with whatever beads were in my crafty backpack at the time, I went with the kids to watch them do their extracurriculars and sample. Strung in multiples of 8 because I was doing a 4 strand crown and wanted to see if any interesting patterns were going to emerge. After all, why should kumists have all the beady fun? 8)

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Note: I found this incomplete linkdump file in progress and decided to post it and backdate it just 'cos.

The mathematical square knot doesn't much look like a real square knot to me, but the granny knot looks much closer, so maybe I'm just not visualizing "right".

Mandarin Morning appears to be a Chinese tutoring service geared towards business people in Shanghai. Part of their cultural education series is a lecture on Chinese knotting.

The Office of Intercultural Relations at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA had an International Festival on March 28, 2010 which included Chinese knotting demonstrations among many other things.

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There is a major Chinese knot button exhibit that is touring China. It most recently was (is?) in Beijing and is moving to Shanghai for the World Expo next month. Follow the link below to see an English video about the exhibit. It looks like the current fashionable style is to make a pictorial quilt with the button frogs, but considering the size of the thing maybe there's some knotted frogs in there too.

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Pretty pictures
The watermark is a little annoying, but I still like the picture of these knotted shoes. Not enough to bid on it, but... 8)

The first part of the classic computer graphics demonstration of mathematical knots called "Not Knot" (via)

Travelogue of the area in Seoul, Korea that contains the Dong-Lim Korean Knotting Museum including a mention of the same.

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The Dong-Lim Korean knotting museum in Seoul, Korea has it's own website!! Tell you later after I have at it with some brute force clicking and online translators what especially cool treasures (I hope!) lie within...

Preparing for their upcoming Paracord contest, Instructables has posted a collection of example paracord projects.

"This week, West Swamp Mennonite Church in Milford is holding its fifth annual knotting marathon called Why Knot." What they're knotting are blankets. I'm not really sure what "knotting comforters" entails, but it certainly sounds like it's for a good cause (sending blankets to Haiti).

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Erin Weik's husband made for her an online interactive colour planner for what appears to be the 8 strand kongo.

April 14-18, 2010
Sydney, NSW, AU
The first in a series of Stiches and Craft Shows in Australia is starting in about 2 weeks and the official web site is still a postcard.
Trish Goodfield will be teaching kumihimo there. (Hey, Trish, link the book image to a description or provide a description on the buy page, please? You're killing the whole impulse buy urge by making me work too hard. 8)

Fri , May 7, 2010
Seafoam Necklace
1 Stop Bead Shop, Columbus, OH