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Feeling unequal to the task of dealing with my massive backlog of links that I need to post at the time, I decided to fiddle with the blog itself. I put in a blogroll on the side, and a Google gadget to translate the page for people who would like a translation (I didn't read the source code before I included it, bad, Carol!, I wonder if the readers need enough English to read the "Google Translate" part... 8). I'm going to try it to see if it will translate all the non-English bits that are in this post into English. 8)

In any case, I was noticing that after the first few, the postings some of the blogs (while the content might be nice) were posted to very infrequently, at least of late (I should talk, eh?).

But, these topics, I would hope, are ones that could be covered in China/Taiwan, Korea, and Japan with probably greater skill, enthusiasm and local appreciation (not to mention other fun places like Singapore and the like).

My current automated searches were not turning up things that are not written in English, so could I, could I....?

IWOM is removing all content from her blog in less than half a day (morning of July 25, Hong Kong time). She encourages you to copy the content if you want to keep it. Ranging from illustrated tutorials, student galleries, her own work and Hong Kong shopping tips, there is much to keep. I went through last week and probably downloaded over half the pages.

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anne's macrame bracelet in wire Events
On June 1st, 2009 there will be a Knots, Bends and Hitches class offered by the Marblehead Sail & Power Squadron at the Abbot Public Library in Marblehead, MA. (via)

Lily is teaching knots at the International Old Lacers, Inc (IOLI) convention in Los Angeles, CA July 25-Aug 1, 2009. See many pictures and descriptions at the link.

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Let's start with the good news. The blogiversary tassels have been awarded to the 2 commenters. I was going to give one and keep one for myself, but as there were only the 2 commenters and I want to encourage y'all, I'll give them both away and just make myself one later at some point.

Should I try this again? D'ya want free stuff? 8)

Sooooo, remember what I said in the first post that this daily posting thing was doomed to failure? This is past 2 months (or so) is pretty much what I meant. But, since I am trying to give myself something of a personality adjustment, I will not yet admit complete defeat. There are still delusions of backfilling in the missing days and continuing onwards as well.

If you would like to help, I would completely adore that. Guest posts of a knotty or braiding nature are totally welcome. Words of encouragement would be, y'know, encouraging. Even constructive criticism would be gratefully accepted. I do my best to answer questions and take requests under advisement. 8) Email or comments all work.

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A. G. Lindsay writes an article about how to finish your braids (15 pages). (via)

A see and share style event in Montreal on April and I couldn't go. 8( But at least we can see the pictures.

The math behind maypole braids

Dogs and kumihimo don't mix. The sensitive may want to avert their eyes.

About the Korean (dahoe) origins of kumihimo.

A bit more detail on the same.

A lengthy introduction/summary on kumihimo from an SCAer studying the topic.

Glass bead artist, Dora Schubert takes up kumihimo and tells us all about it.

Backdated content. I hadn't stopped collecting links when I wasn't posting, so there are many, many, many links to post...

Things to buy
Knotty Estian Jessica Tai is interviewed.

Family Day at the Princeton University Art Museum was May 16, 2009 where Asian art and culture was the theme and Chinese knotting (among other things) was demonstrated.

Franciscans use the knots on their belts as reminders. Gee, I always thought it was more ceremonial/spiritual than that.

Using knots for evil. Killing women with clove hitches. Read about the doings of a serial killer at the following link.


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pink tree flowers.  cherry?white tree flowers.  cherry?The Cherry Blossom Festival is a strange event with no fixed date. It's not even like a solstice or something related to the lunar calendar, it's when the cherry blossoms decide to fall on a given year. Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Festival is officially designated as March 28 - April 24, at least this year (2009), but on my street, the flowers hadn't fallen even by the last day of April. That said, it's entirely possible that the trees I had my eye on weren't cherry trees at all. My grasp of things botanical is fairly weak as befits the owner of a black thumb of death.

Upcoming event:
April 18 & 19: World Folk Art Festival at the Washington State History Museum ,1911 Pacific Ave in Tacoma. Twenty master folk artists will provide demonstrations of their work and hands-on activities during this two-day festival. Enjoy performances, talk to master artists and learn about world folk arts traditions and these Pacific Northwest artists. Participate in folk arts traditions such as Japanese Kabuki dancing, Chinese knot tying, Yakama bead working, Latvian embroidery and much more. All activities are FREE with Museum admission.

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an attempt at a bunny head modified using a good luck knot with inset ears So, I had this image in my mind of an abstract-ish rabbit with a nice triangular face and long ears. So I tied a triangular good luck knot with inset ears.

paracord dog collar Events
April 6-10 was China Week at Miami University organized by the Confucius Institute at Miami University and Liaoning Normal University in Dalian, China. Activities included Chinese knotting demonstrations (via).

Kumihimo site, Trishlan Designs, talks Chinese knotting.

Cassy Munronaka compares and contrasts Chinese knotting with Korean knotting.

Return to the Center blogs about restringing an antique rosary on Chinese knotting cord (looks like the braided 1mm variety) along with a few barrel knots.

Mathematical Knots

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