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So, my sites got hacked in one of those big open source exploits you hear about. The fix was quick, but hackers were even quicker. Luckily I am a small fry. They installed a back door, added me to a "someday" list (I'm sure) and then went away to look at their big prizes, so my glacial response time was not fatal.

That said, things need tightening up, so I'm deleting accounts. There’s no indication that they grabbed any password files but better safe than sorry. If you had an account here that shares a password with anywhere else you care about, I'd change that password.

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Waaaaay back when, before Google+ and such, I was doing knot related link curation through Google Reader. It was quick, I was able to bring interesting and important knot related stuff to your attention, I added some commentary or annotation and didn't have to worry about copyright issues because the mechanism left it as pointers to the original source.

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Chinese Knot book 2 cover scan I keep resolving to scan and review my entire knotty (and braid-y) book library, but I've only done one or two so far for the blog.

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I was playing around with a variety of Google "products" and discovered a way to selectively share and annotate links for public viewing that doesn't expose you, my gentle Knotty Notion reader, to silly cat and dog pictures and such that I subject my friends to (or cause my friends to wade through endless knot and braid posts for my thoughts on the latest installment of mad scientist cartoons).

And so, in the menu to the left, you will now see "Link Dump" which takes information directly from my newsfeed reader (Google Reader) as I flag and tag. This will allow me to quickly process, then share and comment on items of knotty (and braid-y) interest in a much less labour intensive way than my traditional cut/paste/post method. Special gems/information rich finds will still be singled out for more detailed commentary and deliberate posts.

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Book Review: The Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford AshleyI want to catalogue my knotty book collection (and braids and any related crafts) and this seems like a good place to do it. Well, the main site is where it should probably end up, but here's a good place to work on it, I can add curating on the other side.

The Ashley Book of Knots
Author: Clifford W. Ashley
ISBN: 0-385-04025-3
Hardcover: 640 pages
Publisher: Doubleday; 1st edition (June 21, 1944)
Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.6 x 1.6 inches

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Happy 2010, brought to you by the letter 'K'red letter k tied with flower knots I meant to start last year with this series of knots, but I lost them in the fall move. Being one of those people, I stewed and searched instead of just retying them until late 2009. Of course, when I had retied 1.5 letters I then found the originals. Like wearing a rain coat to ensure that it won't rain that day, I should have started retying sooner. 8)

In any case, we start with a 'K'. Clever people like you can probably guess why, but if not, all will be revealed shortly. The 'K' is tied with a series of square flower knots with a hexagonal flower knot in the middle. I initially thought I might need to tie a heptagonal or octagonal flower for the centre to get the branches of the letter at the correct angle, but a test with a hexagonal centre proved to be close enough to perfect for the job.

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Let's start with the good news. The blogiversary tassels have been awarded to the 2 commenters. I was going to give one and keep one for myself, but as there were only the 2 commenters and I want to encourage y'all, I'll give them both away and just make myself one later at some point.

Should I try this again? D'ya want free stuff? 8)

Sooooo, remember what I said in the first post that this daily posting thing was doomed to failure? This is past 2 months (or so) is pretty much what I meant. But, since I am trying to give myself something of a personality adjustment, I will not yet admit complete defeat. There are still delusions of backfilling in the missing days and continuing onwards as well.

If you would like to help, I would completely adore that. Guest posts of a knotty or braiding nature are totally welcome. Words of encouragement would be, y'know, encouraging. Even constructive criticism would be gratefully accepted. I do my best to answer questions and take requests under advisement. 8) Email or comments all work.

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