decorative Japanese braiding

Erin Weik's husband made for her an online interactive colour planner for what appears to be the 8 strand kongo.

April 14-18, 2010
Sydney, NSW, AU
The first in a series of Stiches and Craft Shows in Australia is starting in about 2 weeks and the official web site is still a postcard.
Trish Goodfield will be teaching kumihimo there. (Hey, Trish, link the book image to a description or provide a description on the buy page, please? You're killing the whole impulse buy urge by making me work too hard. 8)

Fri , May 7, 2010
Seafoam Necklace
1 Stop Bead Shop, Columbus, OH

Marion's Jewels in Fiber So, I'm going to the Bay area for Xmas this year and I was thinking: what do I want to do when I go there. Y'know other than shop. 8) And what I thought is that I'd really like to take one of Marion's workshops. Sure, I could probably experiment and figure out how to do the beaded edging on the donuts or how to get the lovely smoothly aligned yarns on her braids, but why should I? 8)

Marion is an artist who does beautiful fibre art jewelry, much of which is based on kumihimo, Chinese knotting and micromacrame. Also, wonderfully, she is unafraid to share her techniques through teaching. Originally from Switzerland, she now lives in the San Francisco area and does Asian fibre arts. What's not to love? 8)

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This is a very long post, don't miss the video at the bottom!

eBay seller ryujapan-99 sells kimono and components (obi, kumihimo, fabric, etc). At one point the above lot of obi jime was up for auction and sadly I did not win. I wanted a closer look at that green obijime. I'm thinking that it's not actually kumihimo, but maybe a phoenix tail sinnet. Can you tell from looking? Let me know what you think!

See swathes of kumihimo in their signature showcase as part of samurai armour and armament at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, California. Exhibiting through September 20, 2009. (via)

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A. G. Lindsay writes an article about how to finish your braids (15 pages).
http://www.weavershand.com/kumiendings1.pdf (via)

A see and share style event in Montreal on April and I couldn't go. 8( But at least we can see the pictures.

The math behind maypole braids

Dogs and kumihimo don't mix. The sensitive may want to avert their eyes.

About the Korean (dahoe) origins of kumihimo.

A bit more detail on the same.

A lengthy introduction/summary on kumihimo from an SCAer studying the topic.

Glass bead artist, Dora Schubert takes up kumihimo and tells us all about it.

a braided stainless steel wire necklace Events
April 16, 2009: The Quinte Arts Council and the John M. Parrott Art Gallery present another Third Thursday Culture Jam event. The Quinte Needlearts Guild with the Belleville Weavers and Spinners have planned an interactive program where you can participate in the creation of pieces of art for use anywhere but on your wall. The program will feature Kumihimo, the art of Japanese braiding.

April 24, 2009: a kumihimo workshop for kids (10 and up) at the Naples Library in Naples, NY

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Procrastination is a strange thing. I was doing pretty well with the daily thing for at least 2 months and then mid-March I stumbled big-time. Then the longer I wasn't posting, the less incentive there was to post. I came up with a few ideas to help me keep up, but never did them. I tied a number of knots including more Ashley knots and some seasonal ones not to mention finishing the give away tassels. While I haven't scanned the seasonal knots, I had long ago scanned the give away tassels. Why not post them? It's quick, no? As the offspring are fond of saying: "I dunno..."

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picture of a braided necklace on some Korean baseball players So, my sweetie, who knows me well, was watching the World Baseball Classic and notices that many of the Korean baseball players are wearing string necklaces, some of which look braided (see left). Are they braided? Are they fabric tubes? Are they something else? Why are the players wearing them? Are Korean men in general wearing them these days? Are Koreans in general wearing them? Is it some sort of modernized tradition (pretty sure they didn't have those plastic clasps until recently, relatively speaking)?



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A father and daughter braiding together on cards Things to see
Seminal kumihimo author, Catherine Martin, who these days braids with gold and platinum wire studded with diamonds, is one of the featured artists at The Goldsmith's Company's Summer Exhibition, Creation II. The show is at the Goldsmiths’ Hall in London, England running from Friday May 29 to Saturday July 11, 2009. Admission is free.

Here's a small profile of Catherine with some pictures of her work.

An 8 strand braid in perle cotton made on disk.

A weaver cannot resist the braiding kits at her local yarn shop.

Things to buy

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hairwork braid Blogs
Sally, The Fearless Knitter, finally uses one of her 2 marudai after 15 years. You're not alone, Sally!!

Kumihimo in Mongolian (.mn is the country code for Mongolia)! I would have expected written Mongolian (or romanized Mongolian?) to look different (a little research shows that modern written Mongolian is modified Cyrillic, so this is written in some kind of romanization scheme).

Loopykd is experimenting with kumihimo.

Things to buy
A piece of hairwork that is extremely reminiscent of kumihimo.

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