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Didn't realize I hadn't made this public a long time ago, another tag: jewelry braids.

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I was playing around with a variety of Google "products" and discovered a way to selectively share and annotate links for public viewing that doesn't expose you, my gentle Knotty Notion reader, to silly cat and dog pictures and such that I subject my friends to (or cause my friends to wade through endless knot and braid posts for my thoughts on the latest installment of mad scientist cartoons).

And so, in the menu to the left, you will now see "Link Dump" which takes information directly from my newsfeed reader (Google Reader) as I flag and tag. This will allow me to quickly process, then share and comment on items of knotty (and braid-y) interest in a much less labour intensive way than my traditional cut/paste/post method. Special gems/information rich finds will still be singled out for more detailed commentary and deliberate posts.

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So, I was looking through my Japanese and Korean books looking for creeper and double coin references and came across what looks like a creeper reference in "한국매듭" which I'll blog more about when I figure out how to type Korean (or I could do what I did to get this book title onto the computer which is look at a page of related text and pick out characters to cut and paste together).

Things to buy
The Adachi Kumihimo shop/gallery (安達くみひも館) in Kyoto. Some shop products including marudai, kakudai, takadai, tama and silk

An interesting "knotted" rope ring.

Not so much knotty or braided as just string-y, but nifty in any case, a very string-y dress.

This says "Alamar knot" keychain. I look at that and say "double coin" or "carrick bend".

Pretty pictures
A string painting of a dragon. Some knots involved.

A more dramatic string painting of a dragon, with more knots.

Elaborate knotted wallhanging.

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Note: another linkdump in progress that was never posted. Where was my head?

In the news
Lush has replaced their gift packaging with furoshiki (fabric wrap, usually knotted). (via)

Dr. Charl P. Botha blogs about bowline knots including some instructional videos from youTube.

The American Alpine Institute - Climbing Blog reposts some instructional videos on the truckers' hitch and the water knot.

Things to buy
These cute string tied in a bow rings are made of brass and powder coated are designed by Kiel Mead,

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Note: I found this incomplete linkdump file in progress and decided to post it and backdate it just 'cos.

The mathematical square knot doesn't much look like a real square knot to me, but the granny knot looks much closer, so maybe I'm just not visualizing "right".

Mandarin Morning appears to be a Chinese tutoring service geared towards business people in Shanghai. Part of their cultural education series is a lecture on Chinese knotting.

The Office of Intercultural Relations at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA had an International Festival on March 28, 2010 which included Chinese knotting demonstrations among many other things.

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