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Lee Valley Tools is a local hardware/gardening/woodworking store. They don't sell the plants or the wood, but they do sell the tools. They have stores across the country, but somehow it still feels wrong to call it a chain, perhaps because they are still family-owned (I think!).

One of the latest catalogs to arrive in my mailbox has a most striking cover, and here's the story of the beautiful Celtic knot carved lovespoons (via).

Things to see and do

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Things to see and do
Take Chinese knotting classes from the Palos Verdes Library District (Rolling Hills Estates, CA) on January 30, 2009

See a Chinese knot demo at “Chinese Family Art Sunday” at the Emerald Art Center, 500 Main St., Springfield (?), OR

Learn Chinese knotting from the Chinatown Cultural Center in Shanghai (via)

Chinese knotting demos at the Bangsar village, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia until Jan 24, 2009.

More about the Museum of Fine Art, Houston (Texas) Korean art exhibit that I mentioned last week.

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I love the International Woman of Mystery (IWOM). She teaches, she shares freely, she buys extra supplies so that she can help those who don't know where to get them themselves.

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Some wacky artisan (interior design firm??) from the Netherlands is taking spongy looking "cords" and knitting them, they also tie really big knots... just follow the link and look! 8) [via]

Some knotted wallhangings from a cultural website.

From the same site comes another set of pictures (note, they translated the button knot as the buckle knot. That confused me for a while...)

Interesting jewelry. Some knotted, some just evoking knots.

Picture of a sizable mystic knot accompanies a blog with numerous links to knotting how-to videos.

Things to see and do

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