Well, Vancouver's Maker Faire has been turning out gangbusters, as I expected. The crowd is inquisitive and hands-on with the learning displays. Willing and interested in trying out knots. Wanting to know about workshops or local guild meetings. I was sad to report that the PAB meetings are in Los Angeles, but with the level of interest I was observing I see no reason we can't have our own... branch? sub-branch? meetings!

Being the purely decorative sort, it would not be completely simple to help out learners with practical knots, but as I told people, I have all the books and given some warning I can try to work out in advance something in particular that they want to learn. I have nothing if not hubris and the type of mind that works well with learning from books.

Of course, other tactics come to mind. I could put out a inquiry to the local sailing schools, I could hunt down Terry or David (that luddite who refuses to be online 8), I could bribe some of the Seattle boys to come up once in a while, etc, etc.

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Vancouver's first Maker Faire is happening June 25-26th, 2011 and I'll be there representing the Pacific Americas Branch of the International Knot Tyers Guild. I'll have a variety of make-and-take projects and will give the occasional rope making demo (participatory!) using (repurposing) plastic grocery bags (in the spirit of the event).

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Marion's Jewels in Fiber So, I'm going to the Bay area for Xmas this year and I was thinking: what do I want to do when I go there. Y'know other than shop. 8) And what I thought is that I'd really like to take one of Marion's workshops. Sure, I could probably experiment and figure out how to do the beaded edging on the donuts or how to get the lovely smoothly aligned yarns on her braids, but why should I? 8)

Marion is an artist who does beautiful fibre art jewelry, much of which is based on kumihimo, Chinese knotting and micromacrame. Also, wonderfully, she is unafraid to share her techniques through teaching. Originally from Switzerland, she now lives in the San Francisco area and does Asian fibre arts. What's not to love? 8)

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