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a braided stainless steel wire necklace Events
April 16, 2009: The Quinte Arts Council and the John M. Parrott Art Gallery present another Third Thursday Culture Jam event. The Quinte Needlearts Guild with the Belleville Weavers and Spinners have planned an interactive program where you can participate in the creation of pieces of art for use anywhere but on your wall. The program will feature Kumihimo, the art of Japanese braiding.

April 24, 2009: a kumihimo workshop for kids (10 and up) at the Naples Library in Naples, NY

May 23 & 24. Kumihimo: The Braided Silk Cords of Japan fiber art workshop taught by Rosalie Neilson at the Sitka Center. Lincoln City, Oregon. 541-994-5485.

On April 5, 2009: Gourd artist Kennie Winter gave a demonstration of gourd arts at the Gourd Gallery in Lucerne, CA. Kennie is also a kumihimo instructor.

Gorgeous braided stainless steel wire.

A blogger in Misawa, Japan attends and photographs a kumihimo demonstration.

Kristi Gustafson suggests kumihimo for shoelaces as an Earth Day activity.

Kharisma Ryantori aka Kay Sommers (huh?) was gifted a kumihimo braiding disc.

Meant 2b Cherished does some beaded kumihimo.

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As a former student of iwom in Hong Kong, I can tell you that she is deleting her knotting as she has left HK and not teaching Chinese Knotting.

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