One Month Blogiversary

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roll of black, hexagonal hawk's eye beads, and black seed beads It's my one month blogiversary! With only a little bit of cheating, I've posted everyday. So, to celebrate I'm giving away a tassel with a hawk's eye bead in the centre and seed bead details. I was also thinking to give away the materials I used to make the tassel (a spool of cord, a selection of beads, and tassel fringe). Should it be all one prize or two? What do you think? I'll be documenting the creation of the tassel on the blog, of course. To enter to win the tassel, just leave a comment with a valid email (or register and post) on this post. Entries will be accepted until Feb 28, 2009 and a winner selected at random declared shortly thereafter.

Edit: see what happens when you post while half asleep? Left out about half of what I was going to say... *sigh*

Edit: so, I extended the the comment entry until the end of March but still no takers. Now that I've finally finished and posted the completed tassels (black and grey), let's fix the entry deadline to the end of April and then if there are still no takers, I'll just keep them for myself (or give them to the offspring, they think they're pretty. 8)

Honestly, I don't bite, and I was going to pay for the postage and everything...


Carol, your tassels are fantastic. What a lot of work you must have put into them! I wondered if it is possible to put a larger focal bead in the centre of the top knot? There are so many possiblities!


Hi Carol,

Tassels are a wonderful thing, not only are they pretty to look at but we stitchers find that they are lovely used on a beaded scissor fob, finished off with a tassel. Can always find a use for them and would just love to win one.
Take care, see you soon

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