Kumihimo link dump 2009.08.08

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This is a very long post, don't miss the video at the bottom!

eBay seller ryujapan-99 sells kimono and components (obi, kumihimo, fabric, etc). At one point the above lot of obi jime was up for auction and sadly I did not win. I wanted a closer look at that green obijime. I'm thinking that it's not actually kumihimo, but maybe a phoenix tail sinnet. Can you tell from looking? Let me know what you think!

See swathes of kumihimo in their signature showcase as part of samurai armour and armament at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, California. Exhibiting through September 20, 2009. (via)

Rod Byatt shares his experience recreating the legendary Chuzonji-gumi temple braid.

He also recreated the Itsukushima temple braid.

In the following post, he outlined some relationships bewteen the Saidaiji-gumi and Chuzoji-gumi temple braids. Sadly the explanation went right over my head.

Akka Design of Dublin, Ireland does some really groovy experiments with kumihimo and big beads on the inside of the braid.

A kumihimo cord, flower knot hairpin (via who also shows her experiments in kumihimo flowery hairpin making).

along with an illustrated how to for the knot: part 1 and part 2

craftycrafter's tips for stopping and restarting your kongo braid on a braiding disc loom (via). Don't forget to check out the related video section as there are many braiding disc videos on youTube.

Denise Gregg's beaded kumihimo gallery.

A kumihimo cell phone strap on sale in Japan.

A pretty spiral kumihimo cord made using handspun yarn.

A photo of sheepfreak2003's kumihimo setup with a braid in progress.

There was a class on kumihimo with wire at Bead Fest Wire back in May. The instructor was Tamara Farion if you want to track her down. 8)

Sandy was teaching beaded kumihimo at the AZ Bead Depot in Apache Junction, Arizona. She'll probably do it again later.

Al experiments with kumihimo and wire.

Temari Train of Thought blogger Deborah Abolt (Debi) experiments with kumihimo and shares the results.

The very private hometime shares Eir kumihimo journey.

Beads and Barley shows her beaded kumihimo pendant.

suanough shows her kumihimo pendant cord.

tastykaeru's kumihimo gallery. Mostly flat, usually finished into jewelry.

Kumihimo for tying up Japanese tea bags (shifuku).

lambspin shares a kumihimo cord on Flikr.

California Girl shares her kumihimo learning experience with an interesting progress photo.

AntiChristy2 kumihimos with hemp.

Rachel Holmen has animated a how to for 8 strand kongo.

Melissa of Glendale, Arizona blogs about her kongo braiding experiences.

putrescine of Michigan shares her kumihimo (and some macrame) on deviantART.

Bethany James makes friendship bracelets with kumihimo.

cindyiscrafty makes a kumihimo charm bracelet.

Russian (?) blogger saolya braids on a very nifty looking marudai.

iraka posts some kumihimo cell phone straps on Flickr

Braid related Japanese words from an online dictionary.

A lovely piece of kumihimo on a... food (?) blog.

A display of kumihimo somewhere in Japan. Sadly, the photos are more about the display than they were about the braids.

Lotte, a Japanese candy/food company have created a flat braid like confection. Enlisting the help of kumihimo company Showen they created a commercial with much kumihimo and hanamusubi content. The out of place pretty girl and dramatic music with voice over that I didn't understand made me think it was some kind of clip from a soap opera until the candy showed up. 8)

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This picture caught my eye on an image search. The post is so old that I'm sure you must have figured this out yourself. But isn't that just a four-strand round braid, where each strand is one large green cord and one small yellow cord? Perhaps that's the same thing as a "pheonix tail" sinnet? Anyways, sweet blog : D

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