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Let's start with the good news. The blogiversary tassels have been awarded to the 2 commenters. I was going to give one and keep one for myself, but as there were only the 2 commenters and I want to encourage y'all, I'll give them both away and just make myself one later at some point.

Should I try this again? D'ya want free stuff? 8)

Sooooo, remember what I said in the first post that this daily posting thing was doomed to failure? This is past 2 months (or so) is pretty much what I meant. But, since I am trying to give myself something of a personality adjustment, I will not yet admit complete defeat. There are still delusions of backfilling in the missing days and continuing onwards as well.

If you would like to help, I would completely adore that. Guest posts of a knotty or braiding nature are totally welcome. Words of encouragement would be, y'know, encouraging. Even constructive criticism would be gratefully accepted. I do my best to answer questions and take requests under advisement. 8) Email or comments all work.

My last comment today is about accounts. No one seems to be using them. Oh, a couple of my knot buddies got accounts when I first started the blog, but I don't think even they use them. Even so, I get a ton of account requests that are generally suspicious (usernames and emails that look like keyboard mashing or computer generated for spamming purposes). I've been trying to be non-judgmental, but it's difficult. Admittedly, no one has yet defaced the site or successfully spammed the comments (they've tried anonymously but not via the account system). It's wearying and depressing dealing with what might be an honest desire to join a community versus the most likely malicious intent.

So, I'm thinking of closing the account stuff. While I had been hoping to build a place where people could announce their interest and meet each other, I guess the anonymous commenting can do the trick?

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