Practical knot link dump 2009.08.08

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A display of knots and fancy ropework by Alton C. Beaudoin at the New London Maritime Society's Custom House Maritime Museum in New London, Connecticut. The exhibit is on through August 2009. (via)

Instructable (illustrated how-to) for making a handle with Portuguese sinnet (Solomon bar, cobra stich, macrame square knots).

Illustrated how to for tying a figure eight knot from the Examiner.

And the double figure eight knot.

A video how to for the square knot and bowline.

Know your knots kit: string and instructional sheets in kit form.

Reference cards for knot tying laminated and sized for your wallet.

A "survival bracelet" that unravels into 14' of paracord. If you end up using it to save your life, they will replace your bracelet for free.

Or make your own.

Field and Stream pundits wax rhapsodic about the Palomar knot.

How to tie on your fishing lure, illustrated! From the Savannah Morning News.

Fishing Q&A including another recommendation for the Palomar knot for attaching your lures.

A noose is found at a Houston firehouse. Controversy ensues.

Another piece of the Huston firehouse noose story. The knot tyer apologizes.

And the rest of the story about the noose: no symbolic harm was intended, someone was just remembering their knot tying skills. Or not, you decide.

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