The Japan Chinese Knotting Association tests

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There are a number of decorative knotting groups in Japan:
- The Traditional Japanese Knots Association (日本結び文化学会)
- The Iida Mizuhiki Association (飯田水引). I believe that Iida is a region of Japan, and not a style of mizuhiki, although i suppose it could be both, but if it's just a region, then there are probably other mizuhiki organizations?
- I'm actually quite surprised that I didn't turn up a knotted tea bags (仕覆) appreciation group, although perhaps they are a subset of the tea ceremony peoples.

The group we are concerning ourselves with this time, however, is the Japan Chinese Knotting Association (JCKA) spearheaded by Ryoko Minami as they have a series of tests based on the THCA tests. There are currently 4 (5?) tests with an instructor and a researcher tests to come. I'm a little vague on the 4/5 tests as the first test title machine translates as "Quasi-4th level material" followed by a "4th level material" test, so one wonders if there are 2 pages of material for one test, or if they are considered 2 separate tests. In any case, level 1 is the most difficult currently defined test.

This is my second attempt at this post since computer troubles ate the first one, so translations of the actual tests in subsequent posts.

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