The ZGJ -> THCA tests concordance

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At this point I was going to do an analysis of the THCA and ZGJ tests, then synthesize a program that combines the two... But then I (re) found the Japanese tests which I am now in the process of translating. Clearly, I'm going to need to create a spreadsheet.

In the meanwhile, here is a concordance of the test lists from the ZGJ perspective with the knots or projects without correlants left out for now.

ZGJ Learning Chinese knot art grading standards - Basic test
(25 knots + tassel + 11 compound knots or projects)
ZB01 = TB01
ZB02 = TB04
ZB03 = TB02
ZB04 = TB21
ZB05 = TB22
ZB06a = TB09
ZB07 = TB07
ZB11 = TB24
ZB12 = TB10
ZB12b = TB15
ZB13 = TB08
ZB13b = TB19
ZB14 = TB12
ZBA01 = TB20
ZBA05-1 = TBA01
ZBA05-2 = TBA02

ZGJ Learning Chinese knot grading standards - Intermediate test
(30 knots, 14 compound knots or projects)
ZI01 = TI10
ZI02a = TI13
ZI02a = TI11
ZI02b = TI12
ZI03 = TB16
ZI04a = TB11
ZI04b = TI01
ZI05 = TB14
ZI06 = TB03
ZI07 = TB05
ZI08 = TB06
ZI09a = TI18
ZI09b = TI19
ZI10 = TI02
ZI11a = TI06 (2x3 vs 2x2 bao)
ZI11b = TI08 (4x3 vs 4x2 bao)
ZI11c = TI07 (3x3 vs 3x2 bao)
ZI12a = TT10
ZI17c = TT03
ZIA02 = TBA08
ZIA03 = TIA07
ZIA04 = TIA01
ZIA06 = TBA12

ZGJ Chinese rope knot art advanced standards
(49 knots with 2 mirror knots and 2 inversions, 1 tassel, 4 projects +
pick 2 of 6 more projects)
ZA01 = TI04
ZA06 = TI20
ZA07 = TI21
ZA22 = TA21
ZA23 = TA18
ZA25 = TT13
ZA39 - TT05
ZA40 = TT07
ZA42 = TT08

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