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pagoda knot In the news
At an event remembering the 228 incident in Taiwan, a ceremony involving a symbolic (and physical) knot did not go as planned when the participants were unable to untie the knot.

A not entirely clear image of the knot in question is included in this article:

The LA Times features a story about cooking with string. Knots are mentioned including The Ashley Book of Knots.,0,7069849.story

JD, Tying It All Together, makes instructional knot videos, many of which are decorative. His latest youTube video is of a knot he calls the pagoda knot (see above). Having some carrick bend elements to it, it is an atypical mat knot with a very strong rectangular silhouette. It is certainly a knot that I don't recall having seen before. Warning for the sensitive: JD is half of the Two Knotty Boys, bondage authors, and at the very end of the video is an advertisement for one of their bondage books. So, if you're browsing with kids and don't want to explain why the people are tied up, stop when the words start flying at the end.

The Curious Weaver Journal was published 1994-1996 and included how-tos for Chinese knots a number of times. The issues are now freely online as PDFs.

Apparently knots are a thing in fashion these days.

Prada has incorporated knots into both purses and shoes:

Knotted belts and accessories are featured on the runway:

An interesting necklace, called knotted but not particularly:

Searching for more information on the thing mentioned in the first article, I found this list of knotted clothes:

The 10th fashion trend in this list is knots:

Pretty pictures
This image is likely going away very soon. Dover has a weekly sampler and this is an excerpt from Celtic Borders and Backgrounds CD-ROM and Book by Courtney Davis

The scanned image of a butterfly knot meant for digital scrapbooking:

A beaded neckpiece which incorporates a carrick bend by someone who clearly doesn't know what kumihimo is (as they're clearly using satin cord for the knots):

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