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paracord dog collar Events
April 6-10 was China Week at Miami University organized by the Confucius Institute at Miami University and Liaoning Normal University in Dalian, China. Activities included Chinese knotting demonstrations (via).

Kumihimo site, Trishlan Designs, talks Chinese knotting.

Cassy Munronaka compares and contrasts Chinese knotting with Korean knotting.

Return to the Center blogs about restringing an antique rosary on Chinese knotting cord (looks like the braided 1mm variety) along with a few barrel knots.

Mathematical Knots
"Parameterizing Knots with Chebyshev Polynomials" wins high school science fair.

Theoretical knots as the boundries of minimal surfaces (eg. bubbles).

A press release from the Lehigh Group, a cord manufacturing company, with information about cord maintenance.

A brief and perfunctory article about "knots for boaters", although no actual knots are mentioned.

Brief blurb on the fishing knots: loop knot, surgeon's knot and nail knot.

An article about rappelling that mentions a number of knots including the Patagonia knot and grapevine knot.

The story of a popular rock climbing area with minimal knot content.

So, I was standing at the magazine store looking at the sports area (for skating magazines) and what should I spy but Rock and Ice magazine. Now, I don't climb and have no interest in climbing, but it was their annual "Climbing Gear and Safety Guide" issue and it had pictures of pretty, pretty rope on the cover (issue 177 which as of just now wasn't up on their site, they're still showing 176 as current). So, just like that time I picked up a fly-fishing magazine with the idea that if ever I needed some supplies I could start to track them down with the ads in the magazine, I picked up the latest issue (so, if ever I needs expensive but pretty rope... although apparently some of the rope manufacturers have a recycling program and for decorative knot tying I certainly don't need 100's of metres of structurally sound rope. Hmm...) In any case, as to knot content, they list their "essential knots" which include: figure-eight loop, clove hitch, trace eight, munter hitch, prusik, double fisherman's, and girth hitch.

Speaking of the prusik loop, posts an article about the "Prussik" or rescue loop, a simple cord arrangement and uses for fire fighters.$63362

Scarves and text descriptions of how to wear and/or tie them.

Eric Glennie has designed a tie where the stripes in the knot and the tie line up.,0,2529559...

Rope in fashion clothing (via).

Bow tie tying advice from the Wall Street Journal.

A familiar string arrangement made into wire jewelry.

A blog and shop about maedup bilingually in French and English.

Paracord jewelry and accessories the stated purpose of which is to provide an easily accessible length of cord for use in emergencies (via)

A brief article about safety and tying knots in power cords.

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