Link Dump 2010.03.14

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knots tied in headphone wires with labelsI think I got this advertisement from the knot tyers mailing list. The photography is lovely and the knots are nicely rendered. Click through for the complete ad with more knots. It's interesting that the ad is supposed to be for Ford's bluetooth (now standard with every new Ford, at least in Germany) but the wires used are distinctly Apple/iPod. Standard/generic wires would have been black, possibly with bright coloured ear buds (or not) and taken on a white background would probably have been just as dramatic. But maybe it's just my personal biases that makes the ad, at first glance, seem more like an Apple ad than a Ford ad.

Whatever. Cool knots, and also pretty. 8)

In other whole-bunch-of-knots-in-one-place news, I just discovered the Wikipedia list of knots. It's large, but by no means comprehensive. There is also a separate Wikipedia list of decorative knots which can only be described as "lame" but I suppose, this being Wikipedia, it must be our (my?) fault that it is lame... 8) There's also the Wikipedia listing for Chinese knotting that is straying from the corrections I applied a couple of years ago and acquiring some personal advertising masquerading as data.

PS. Happy Pi Day! Don't forget to have some pie. 8)

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