Link Dump 2010.03.22

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"Coming soon" Instructables will be running a paracord contest. Anything using primarily paracord is eligible. At stake is a custom laser engraved Leatherman (type unspecified). Once the contest gets going, it will be open for 2.5 weeks. The instructable must use paracord, it cannot be done with some other kind of rope with the note "you could also use paracord for this".

Players of a game called "Ether Saga Online" are nattering about Chinese New Year quests on their game discussion board, and apparently there are Chinese knot quests. I wonder what those are about... ah, apparently characters are given red silk "thread" and taught how to tie knots. Boxes with rewards are given when the knots are completed. I wonder what this all looks like in the game...

Things to make
Yet another hilt wrap. This time from ITS Tactical in their usual photographically illustrated step by step and instructional video combo. Inspired by Strider Knives.

ITS Tactical also covers the popular fishing knot, the Palomar.

In the news
A City of Fort Lauderdale Public Works employee gets into trouble for tying a noose and leaving it in his toolbox.

An article by Marek Warszawski suggesting that knots have little practical use if you don't end up a surgeon and that Boy Scout skills need to change from what they have traditionally been.

There's a new macramé blog that is starting off with a bang. Here's hoping they pace themselves (and introduce themselves soon) so it doesn't go the way of all the other macramé blogs I have found.

Ange blogs about Atelier Blink's snazzy knot furniture which I totally covet... 8)

Jenny Garland posts a video tutorial for the quilters' knot.

Eric Ruhalter blogs about teaching kids to tie their shoes

Fouj blogs about fashionable items (clutch, shoe(?) and pendant) that involve knots.

Aijaz Ansari blogs about the tautline hitch knot including pointers to a youTube video.

Susan Bohlen blogs about the bowline knot with illustrated instructions cribbed from somewhere.

Pretty pictures
A digital graphic artist community site had a knot drawing contest. Scroll down to the bottom to see the pictures.

It's the picture of a knotted ropey headband by hair accessory designer Jennifer Behr.

Online macramé store King's Kountry is offering a craft book trade in for store credit program. USD$4 for your used craft books (if they find them interesting). (via)

The Morrow Guide to Knots, one of my favourite practical knot books is making the rounds of the download sites as a scanned PDF of the book.

App Dancer points you to a youTube video about the improved clinch knot

Things to buy
A reef knot (also known as the Hercules knot, especially when used in jewelry) bracelet tied in an interesting jewelry cable/chain.

Someone found the image of a pretty necklace made with a twisted cord that is knotted between beads made from knotted ribbons of shiny gold (at least it looks like gold). Sadly there appears to be no information or provenance, just a picture.

Bee Pinoy points you to a youTube video for instructions on tying a Windsor knot.

I thought about categorizing the following under Things to make or Fishing but in the end decided to go with reference. 8)

A knot spell for finding a job.

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