Link Dump 2010.05.07

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Things to buy
The Adachi Kumihimo shop/gallery (安達くみひも館) in Kyoto. Some shop products including marudai, kakudai, takadai, tama and silk

An interesting "knotted" rope ring.

Not so much knotty or braided as just string-y, but nifty in any case, a very string-y dress.

This says "Alamar knot" keychain. I look at that and say "double coin" or "carrick bend".

Pretty pictures
A string painting of a dragon. Some knots involved.

A more dramatic string painting of a dragon, with more knots.

Elaborate knotted wallhanging.

A beautiful purse with knots from the China Knot Art Flickr Pool.

A Chinese knotter's Picasa photo stream

Some interesting metal (?) knot sculptures. (via)

The "Flickr Hive Mind" is a image search engine. This is a link to Traditional Chinese Handcrafts. Heavy on the Chinese Knotting.,%E5%82%B3%E7%B5%B1

A very simple mizuhiki knot.

Video from a mizuhiki card manufacturing facility.(津田水引折型 石引店)

Video from a mizuhiki sculpture facility

and the mizuhiki search from Blix Tube

A video of the making of a mizuhiki turtle (結納専門店 津田水引)

Video of the making of a mizuhiki crane (水引工芸実演)

Things to make
Pictoral instructions for making a hollow centre pan chang. In Chinese.

Rita of Knots Indeed has some string bag patterns to go with her free netting online classes.

A slow motion video of 4 strand braiding (組み紐 平四つ打ち). Note that the side panel of "Related Videos" is heavy on kumihimo videos.

Vague instructions for how to make a t-shirt necklace with occasional knotting.

Some examples of double coin jewelry with many familiar sources, although they are at least credited.

HowTo Video Tutorials links to someone's youTube video about how to tie a Pratt knot.

Practical knot instructional videos by the Korean National Rescue Service (via)

The "no knot" magic trick explained on online video by Jay Sankey who my kids watch all the time on Spellz.

I found a weird site that I can't seem to navigate from the beginning (eg. It's flash or something that my browser doesn't like, so I get to the second page which says that it's a menu, but nothing is clickable and the journey ends. Luckily my search feed started me at the forum. It looks forum-y and there are pictures of knots, so it seems to be what the URL implies, a Chinese knot art forum. The text is mostly traditional, but there's some simplified text in the banner image. Which means, what? I'd still guess that it's a Taiwanese forum, although it's possible that it's based out of Singapore or even mainland with significant Taiwan presence?

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