Link Dump 2010.04.07

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Note: another linkdump in progress that was never posted. Where was my head?

In the news
Lush has replaced their gift packaging with furoshiki (fabric wrap, usually knotted). (via)

Dr. Charl P. Botha blogs about bowline knots including some instructional videos from youTube.

The American Alpine Institute - Climbing Blog reposts some instructional videos on the truckers' hitch and the water knot.

Things to buy
These cute string tied in a bow rings are made of brass and powder coated are designed by Kiel Mead, (via)

Pretty pictures
Stormdrane followed Vince Brennan's "Half-Moku" Coxcomb instructions to add some decorative knotted wrapping to a cane.

Things to make
ITS Tactical does their usual bang-up job of step by step how-to photos and video instruction set for their knot of the week. Paracord storage sinnet this time.

Tying balloon is tricky especially for kids. This instructable is for a jig to help tie balloons.

Pointing to a very quick video showing the fisherman's bend as a sliding necklace closure

An online colour/pattern designer for 16 strand kongo (via)

Looks like alternating half-hitch knots over carrier strings.

An ode to bow ties.

The clothing chain, Reiss, has a nice step-by-step photographic how-to for tying a Windsor knot.

Maitai, who has many pictures of herself on her blog but no "about me" info in an easy to find place, appears to be obsessed with Hermès accessories (scarves in particular?). If you scroll down the side of any post you will find a list of how-tos related to scarf wearing including a number of knots that have video how-tos.

There is endless blogging about Bottega Veneta bags from the fashion and hand bag obsessed, so I don't report every one, but this particular post has a very nice close-up view of the knot itself if you scroll to the bottom.

Video instruction for how to tie a patanosta knot for beach fishing. (via)

Paul Barnes show us how to tie the braid loop fishing knot. (via)

Italo Labignan of Canadian Sportfishing has many videos including instructional knot videos that are sadly in SilverLight. Luckily they pretty much all appear to be on his youTube channel. This particular video is about tying a Palomar knot. (via)

A discussion of fishing knots including brief instructions with illustrations for the improved clinch knot, Palomar knot, and the Trilene Knot.

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