Vancouver Maker Faire, Day One

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Well, Vancouver's Maker Faire has been turning out gangbusters, as I expected. The crowd is inquisitive and hands-on with the learning displays. Willing and interested in trying out knots. Wanting to know about workshops or local guild meetings. I was sad to report that the PAB meetings are in Los Angeles, but with the level of interest I was observing I see no reason we can't have our own... branch? sub-branch? meetings!

Being the purely decorative sort, it would not be completely simple to help out learners with practical knots, but as I told people, I have all the books and given some warning I can try to work out in advance something in particular that they want to learn. I have nothing if not hubris and the type of mind that works well with learning from books.

Of course, other tactics come to mind. I could put out a inquiry to the local sailing schools, I could hunt down Terry or David (that luddite who refuses to be online 8), I could bribe some of the Seattle boys to come up once in a while, etc, etc.

Lots of ideas. The main one to start, though, is if you are interested in meetings, send me an email so I can let you know when the first one is!

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