heart shaped mystic knot in red and pink Here's the long awaited Valentine's day post. 8) 8) I'm told that I should get a move on for Saint Patrick's day... 8)

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illustration showing the terms for various cord formations Interrupting our ongoing discourse on good luck knots, I'm going back to basics with an illustration of terms used to describe various cord parts and configurations.

In this definition I have tried to be as formal and precise as possible. Alas that I can't really maintain that level of precision in the rest of my writings. In particular I use "loop" altogether too often...

Standing End, Fixed End, or Bitter End
the end of the cord that receives the least amount of manipulation, perhaps it is heavily embellished or perhaps it is fixed to something.
Working End, Running End, or Live End
the end of the cord that is actively involved in making the knot or interlacing
Standing Part
part of the cord between the knot and the standing end
Working Part
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What with all the good luck knot stuff I've been doing, it's time to fix up the main page and do a how-to or 2 or... But that sort of thing takes time. All the first round of pictures are scanned and need to be processed, text added, etc. See the files as they are worked on. When the pages are complete, they will replace the directory listings. This is a peek under the hood.

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nonagonal (9 sided) good luck knot Last but not least is the nonagonal good luck knot. More accurately Greek vs Latin, the term enneagonon is more "correct", but nonagon is the more popular and commonly used term. Plus there's this whole ennegram/enneagram personality thing to confuse matters. Best to stick with nonagon, am I right?!? 8)

heptagonal (7 sided) good luck knot Behold the Heptagonal good luck knot. An alternate term for a seven sided figure is septagon, but in an effort to minimize confusion, let's stick with "heptagon".

pentagonal good luck knot As I was posting 3, 6, and 8 I felt a twinge of discomfort. Was it OCD? Anal retentiveness? Whatever it was, it is surely related to completism and the collector's instinct.

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Things to see and do
The United States Institute for Theatre Technology is having their annual conference and stage expo on March 18-21, 2009 in Cincinnati, OH. One of their Wednesday classes is the apparently popular "Knots, knots, knots" a class on knots perhaps as relates to stagecraft? (via)

The lunar new year celebrations continue until February 9, 2009 at Chin Swee Temple, Genting, Malaysia including Chinese knot demonstrations.

In the media

octagonal good luck half rainbow knot More of the similar. 8) Octagonal (8 sided) good luck knot. Again, as is traditional in Chinese knots, for an octagonal knot, the structural loops are overlapped 3 times.

hexagonal good luck half rainbow knot The hexagonal (6-sided) good luck knot. The same knot as my 2008 Xmas ornament.

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triangular good luck knot I've been thinking of the whole 3 sided versus three (knot type or 6-eared and 6 petals and whatnot. Something like 3-luck is certainly good for quick file naming and shorthand, but in descriptive text when trying to be clear and unambiguous, I'm thinking to use full-on mathematical (polygonal) terminology. Especially since, as demonstrated by the case of the good luck knots the number of ears does not necessarily properly describe a many-sided knot. So all those 4-sided good luck knots I've been talking about they're all square even when they look round. *sigh*