roll of black, hexagonal hawk's eye beads, and black seed beads It's my one month blogiversary! With only a little bit of cheating, I've posted everyday. So, to celebrate I'm giving away a tassel with a hawk's eye bead in the centre and seed bead details. I was also thinking to give away the materials I used to make the tassel (a spool of cord, a selection of beads, and tassel fringe). Should it be all one prize or two? What do you think? I'll be documenting the creation of the tassel on the blog, of course. To enter to win the tassel, just leave a comment with a valid email (or register and post) on this post. Entries will be accepted until Feb 28, 2009 and a winner selected at random declared shortly thereafter.

Edit: see what happens when you post while half asleep? Left out about half of what I was going to say... *sigh*

mickey and minnie mouse toys Apropos to the theme of the last 2 weeks or so, a brace of Good Luck knot related links:
Marta Ribeiro e Cunha, an origami jewelry maker who also dabbles in knotting, has made a good luck knot necklace. Have a browse around her site to see a number of other knotted jewelry objects. I get the feeling that there's an Etsy store or something similar there. She refers to customers in one post, but there's no shop link that I could find within 4 clicks (and if this is a blog that promotes a shop, really should it be that hard? 8)

Linda, an atomic physicist PhD candidate and polyglot, is learning to tie knots starting with the good luck knot. As is fitting for an academic, she shares her experience and some how-to instructions.

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4 sided good luck knot reverse crown variant Looking at the variants, I saw some gaps I thought to fill in. Knowing in advance that those gaps were probably there for a good and valid reason, I did it anyways.

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4 sided good luck corner crown variantback of 4 sided good luck corner crown variant
little ear wing fold pressure lucky/auspicious knot D type/build/model

The 8th variation I'm posting about, Lydia's 6th variation (numbered 7, but the first one was a straightforward 6 sided good luck knot, not really an earth shattering variation). If I had thought about it before I started quick-posting this bunch of knots, I would have put this one third because it's the most basic significant variation that is interesting (I'll show you the uninteresting ones later 8).

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4 sided reverse corner split good luck variantback of 4 sided reverse corner split good luck variant The reverse comes first, after completing the first crown, flip your kn

4 sided criss cross twist split good luck knotback of 4 sided criss cross twist split good luck knot 小耳翼疊壓吉祥結B型
little ear wing fold pressure lucky/auspicious knot B type/build/model

4 sided good luck knot corner split variationback of 4 sided good luck knot corner split variation Happy moo year! It's the year of the Earth Ox (a couple of years ago, we had to explain to our Chinese teacher why it was not the year of the "cow" or for that matter "sheep" (vs "goat"), "bunny" (vs "rabbit" or "hare"), "mouse" (vs "rat"), or "chicken" (vs "rooster"). 8)

4 sided good luck knot with inset flower ears In the book as a variation, so I tied it, the 4-flower inset ears could be any knot. Simply tie 3 in your cord and then lay out your good luck knot with the knots at the end of the cross shape and tie as as you would the good luck with inset ear. Ms. Chen stops there, but why would you want to do that? When done, your cord ends hang in the 4th side ear. So, tie another flower (or whatever you've decided to put in your ears 8).

Tomorrow is Lunar New Years' Eve, so I thought I would bump up my usual Sunday link dump to Saturday on the off chance it helps anyone get out to an event on time...

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At the Glendale Main Library in Glendale Arizona

A restatement of the Warren Public Library Lunar New Year festivities in New Jersey on February 7, 2009

Pointers to 843 videos and animations of knots from the WonderHowTo instructional video directory site.

A step by step photographic how-to for the bowline from the University of Kansas student newspaper.