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Waaaaay back when, before Google+ and such, I was doing knot related link curation through Google Reader. It was quick, I was able to bring interesting and important knot related stuff to your attention, I added some commentary or annotation and didn't have to worry about copyright issues because the mechanism left it as pointers to the original source.

Sharing through Google Reader is dead (wah!), killed in favour of Google+. For a while, I was link blogging through my personal account, but in order to not spam my friends and family with knot stuff, I was mostly posting privately to a Knot Circle. What can be seen publicly on my profile is a tiny fraction of the stuff I was posting to the circle. This solution was kind of unsatisfactory. I could have done the full blog thing: copy relevant images to my own servers and point them back to the original sites. Doing that has the added benefit of reducing link rot but is conversely more work. When/if I can streamline the workflow to make it no more effort link blog in that way, I will probably do that. Until then, though, I've come up with an alternative.

In addition to personal Google+ profiles, there are also Google+ Pages. G+ Pages are essentially a profile for your site. In this case it's a blog... to go with my blog. Like time travel it sometimes makes your brain hurt to think about these things too much. 8-) In any case, while I don't know much about "building your brand", I do think it's a relatively easy way to do quick link blogging. Someday Google will pull it together and give us RSS feeds for your streams (or not break the ones that other people are cobbling together 8-).

That's the long winded explanation for the big orange "g+" icon on the right side over there. I think I'll add a plain text navigation link to the left and rename the late lamented (by me) Link Dump.

This is not to say that I've abandoned this blog. While it is sadly neglected at the moment, once I'm done a big restructure of the main site I've got a bunch of content to go here that just needs scanning and a few words... Stay tuned and see ya over at G+!

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