"Coming soon" Instructables will be running a paracord contest. Anything using primarily paracord is eligible. At stake is a custom laser engraved Leatherman (type unspecified). Once the contest gets going, it will be open for 2.5 weeks. The instructable must use paracord, it cannot be done with some other kind of rope with the note "you could also use paracord for this".

Players of a game called "Ether Saga Online" are nattering about Chinese New Year quests on their game discussion board, and apparently there are Chinese knot quests. I wonder what those are about... ah, apparently characters are given red silk "thread" and taught how to tie knots. Boxes with rewards are given when the knots are completed. I wonder what this all looks like in the game...

Things to make

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Things to make
Peter Dekker shares an illustrated how to for wrapping your Chinese sword grips. (336 kb) (via)

Speaking of wrapping things, ITS Tactical wraps a mini-prybar with paracord and shows you how with photographic step by step and a video

Tying It All Together has instructional videos for Ashley's flower knot (ABok #2445) on youTube and Wonder How To (which is just a redirect to the youTube, but you can browse around to see if they have anything that youTube doesn't)

Illustrated how to make Celtic knot cookies!

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macramé chair Things to buy
A designer macramé chair that has won design prizes and purchased by museums (to sit in or display?).

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stellar flares tying themselves into knots Things to see and do
The Capital Museum in Beijing has 12 workshops every week, from Tuesday to Saturday, both in the morning and afternoon. Are the workshops just for local kids? Are they just for around New Years? Unknown at this time, but one of the things you can do is to learnj how to "knitting Chinese knots," among other Chinese handcrafts.

Hmm, over in Toronto at BeadFX they've imported someone from Mexico to teach Chinese knotting. What's up with that? (via)