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stellar flares tying themselves into knots Things to see and do
The Capital Museum in Beijing has 12 workshops every week, from Tuesday to Saturday, both in the morning and afternoon. Are the workshops just for local kids? Are they just for around New Years? Unknown at this time, but one of the things you can do is to learnj how to "knitting Chinese knots," among other Chinese handcrafts.

Hmm, over in Toronto at BeadFX they've imported someone from Mexico to teach Chinese knotting. What's up with that? (via)


Things to see and do
The United States Institute for Theatre Technology is having their annual conference and stage expo on March 18-21, 2009 in Cincinnati, OH. One of their Wednesday classes is the apparently popular "Knots, knots, knots" a class on knots perhaps as relates to stagecraft? (via)

The lunar new year celebrations continue until February 9, 2009 at Chin Swee Temple, Genting, Malaysia including Chinese knot demonstrations.

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mickey and minnie mouse toys Apropos to the theme of the last 2 weeks or so, a brace of Good Luck knot related links:
Marta Ribeiro e Cunha, an origami jewelry maker who also dabbles in knotting, has made a good luck knot necklace. Have a browse around her site to see a number of other knotted jewelry objects. I get the feeling that there's an Etsy store or something similar there. She refers to customers in one post, but there's no shop link that I could find within 4 clicks (and if this is a blog that promotes a shop, really should it be that hard? 8)

Linda, an atomic physicist PhD candidate and polyglot, is learning to tie knots starting with the good luck knot. As is fitting for an academic, she shares her experience and some how-to instructions.

Things to see and do

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4 sided good luck knot corner split variationback of 4 sided good luck knot corner split variation Happy moo year! It's the year of the Earth Ox (a couple of years ago, we had to explain to our Chinese teacher why it was not the year of the "cow" or for that matter "sheep" (vs "goat"), "bunny" (vs "rabbit" or "hare"), "mouse" (vs "rat"), or "chicken" (vs "rooster"). 8)

Tomorrow is Lunar New Years' Eve, so I thought I would bump up my usual Sunday link dump to Saturday on the off chance it helps anyone get out to an event on time...

Things to see and do
At the Glendale Main Library in Glendale Arizona

A restatement of the Warren Public Library Lunar New Year festivities in New Jersey on February 7, 2009

Pointers to 843 videos and animations of knots from the WonderHowTo instructional video directory site.

A step by step photographic how-to for the bowline from the University of Kansas student newspaper.