pink tree flowers.  cherry?white tree flowers.  cherry?The Cherry Blossom Festival is a strange event with no fixed date. It's not even like a solstice or something related to the lunar calendar, it's when the cherry blossoms decide to fall on a given year. Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Festival is officially designated as March 28 - April 24, at least this year (2009), but on my street, the flowers hadn't fallen even by the last day of April. That said, it's entirely possible that the trees I had my eye on weren't cherry trees at all. My grasp of things botanical is fairly weak as befits the owner of a black thumb of death.

double coin knot tied in white sidelined in black A month later, but not if you are using the backfill date, I've added the previously promised sideline illustration. I've revised the previous posting, but don't think that pushes things out to the feeds again. So, in order that loyal readers not miss any new content, here it is. 8)

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hexagonal type 2 stellar knot in red sidelined in black I finally successfully tied and tightened the type 2 hexagonal stellar knot. It's nice but the centre hole is not as big as I'd hoped. So, it's back to the standard stellar knot with fewer overlaps, methinks.

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double coin in white cord outlined in blackdouble coin in white cord sidelined in black Since the double coin didn't like being tied in president's cord it seemed best to use regular satin cord and, for colour contrast, outline in black.