woven bao knotsLately I've been working on many different things and for some reason not finishing any of them. *sigh*

So, I've scanned step by step instructions for the double coin knot, creeper knot, cross knot, plafond knot, 2 methods for tying the sauvastika knot, and also the square or flat knot.

You'll notice that most of the links above are what is clearly work in progress and sort of look broken. This is my way. Someday they'll be proper completed pages. Why wait to link? 8)

ruyi in black edged whiteI was working on the main page for the mystic knot and decided that I really needed to have my own illustration of the ru-yi knot (如意, rúyì, halfway between a 장고매듭, jang-go-mae-deup, and a 가지방석매듭, ga-ji-bang-seong-mae-deup). ga-ji-bang-seong-mae-deupjang-go-mae-deup

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When Wire Almost Behaves Like Fibresquare flower knot with beads So, I had this scrap of wire in my wire working box (cutters, pliers, cup burs, etc) and it was... 20cm long or so. What had I originally cut it for? What had I cut it off of? Dunno, but is it long enough to do anything with? Often when I've got some cord scrap in my hands they will do what they so frequently do: flower knots, button knots, double connection, double coin, etc. So, this little bit of wire, could I tie a flower knot in it with some beads? How would it look with such a small gauge of wire?

As a general rule, to a certain extent to duplicate the fibre knots I tie, I try to tie wire knots in higher gauges. Almost cord sized wire (I've got some wire that is close to 3mm in diameter. Expensive though and I'm expecting it to be brutally difficult to work. Someday...) is kind of self-explanatory. Smaller gauges though (I think it's 24ga)... let's see!

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button style 4 eared flower knot in grey satin cordback of button style 4 eared flower knot in grey satin cord Now, each cord you use will have different characterisics unique to that ty

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button style 4 eared flower knotback of button style 4 eared flower knot Another way to get nice ear loops all the way around your polygonal knot is to tie it button style (knobby thing that you could put through a button hole or button loop formed on top of a short stem). There are more flower-ish buttons to follow, but whether the transformation is extensible to the entire family of flower knots is a matter for further research. Now, the knot here (see left) is tied with some nice ear loops because I could, but in practice you probably want the ears tight against the body of the knot so that they don't catch and the cord doesn't wear out prematurely.

I've included a scan of the back side (see right) so you can clearly see where the ends are.

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inline square flower knot tied in black edged white shoelacesquare flower knot tied in black edged white shoelace Consider your standard square flower knot (see right). The structural centre is distinctly square, which is good. But, you say, there are only three ears. You say, a square knot should have four ears. I say, consider the loose ends to be the fourth ear. You, nevertheless, remain dissatisfied. A square has four sides, should not a square flower knot have four ears?

square flower knot tied in white and black shoelace While the flower knot, when considered as a polygonal knot, is a family unto itself with many (many!) variations starting with the number of petals (ears) and the ways that the structural loops interlace, the basic square flower knot is also the basic unit of the mystic knot (see right

What with all the good luck knot stuff I've been doing, it's time to fix up the main page and do a how-to or 2 or... But that sort of thing takes time. All the first round of pictures are scanned and need to be processed, text added, etc. See the files as they are worked on. When the pages are complete, they will replace the directory listings. This is a peek under the hood.

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