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$@#!# Hackers

So, my sites got hacked in one of those big open source exploits you hear about. The fix was quick, but hackers were even quicker. Luckily I am a small fry. They installed a back door, added me to a “someday” list (I’m sure) and then went away to look at their big prizes, so my glacial response time was not fatal.
That said, things need tightening up, so I’m deleting accounts. There’s no indication that they grabbed any password files but better safe than sorry. If you had an account here that shares a password with anywhere else you care about, I’d change that password.

If you get the urge to comment on the site, that’s still possible as an account is not required for comments.

If I deleted your account, it is not an indication of disrespect or “unfriending”, just good healthy paranoia. 8-)

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