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Procrastination is a strange thing. I was doing pretty well with the daily thing for at least 2 months and then mid-March I stumbled big-time. Then the longer I wasn’t posting, the less incentive there was to post. I came up with a few ideas to help me keep up, but never did them. I tied a number of knots including more Ashley knots and some seasonal ones not to mention finishing the give away tassels. While I haven’t scanned the seasonal knots, I had long ago scanned the give away tassels. Why not post them? It’s quick, no? As the offspring are fond of saying: “I dunno…”

If you like my brand of knottiness, you could help. You could comment or email so it seems less like a write only enterprise. You could even help with content (if I like your brand of knottiness. 8) In any case, I’ve decided on a couple of “filler” post schemes one being a book by book review of my relevant knot, braid and craft collections. Actually, I think that would probably be more work on a per post basis than scanning and naming a knot as there’d be more text and I’d actually have to think about it, but at least there’s very little seeking after inspiration in that track.

Even easier than that because there’s no scanning involved is converting my talk that I gave in Japan. What stops this from being a complete no-brainer is netiquette and literary (academic?) niceties. Of course, I put it together at the last minute (brought the laptop and was still editing the morning of my talk) and it was a big orgy of web surfing and book scanning. Do I know where all the images came from? Not necessarily. It’s rude and a breach of trust to post images you didn’t generate without attributing them to their source (or at least where you found them). At least it’s less questionable as an activity than framing or posting an image sourced from the original site and stealing their bandwidth.

So, since I believe myself to fall more into the useful-contributor camp (I was thinking “altruistic” but that’s a bit strong, I’m not completely selfless) than the profit-mongering thief camp (there is definitely no profit here), I’m going to post the talk after all, and interested parties will self-identify or you will help me with images that I have forgotten the proper attributions for.

Let’s get started: snippet of title page to serve as a button

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