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Today's blog is brought to you by the letter 'N'

orange letter n tied with plafond and sauvastika knots Moving through the rainbow in a predictable Western sort of way (almost google-ish? 8) the letter ‘N’ is orange. I wanted each knot to be from a different knot family as well, and for the nicely straight parts of the ‘N’, the plafond seemed like a good choice. For the corners, something with more built in flexibility would be needed. When I look at the centre of the plafond knot, what I see is the centre of the sauvastika knot. Perhaps this follows logically from the fact that both are built out of interlinked simple overhand knots, but maybe not.

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Happy 2010, brought to you by the letter 'K'

Happy 2010, brought to you by the letter 'K'

red letter k tied with flower knots I meant to start last year with this series of knots, but I lost them in the fall move. Being one of those people, I stewed and searched instead of just retying them until late 2009. Of course, when I had retied 1.5 letters I then found the originals. Like wearing a rain coat to ensure that it won’t rain that day, I should have started retying sooner. 8)

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Blogiversary Knot Grey with Finished Tassel

hexagonal stellar knot in grey with little black beads and a tassel with black and silver beaded neckgrey tassel neck with black and silver beaded neck I started by binding the tassel neck with a thin black cord. Then after I finished the black version with a beaded tassel neck I decided that the grey version needed more “bling”. To contrast with the randomly beaded neck, plus because I had already put an orderly black whipping on the grey tassel neck, I decided an orderly, lightly beaded design was the way to go. Starting with a round of beads (3 black, 1 silver) around the top and bottom of the existing whipping, I also added a smattering of silver beads to the whipping itself.

Blogiversary Knot Black with Blue Beads

hexagonal stellar knot in black with iridescent blue beads complete with tasselhexagonal stellar knot in black with iridescent blue beads closeup The black beads were too small, the clear beads were too big, but I think the iridescent blue beads were just right. Having finished the grey with black, I thought there’s no reason I can’t use different beads on each side. The visual crossover is quite minimal. That said, when it was time to bead the neck of the tassel, I wanted to use both bead colours. I like random, so I would stab the needle into either bead colour to pick up a selection of beads and then pick a random direction to sew it down. If beads wanted to sit funny or bulge, I would go back and tack them down to the tassel bundle which also helped to reinforce the binding effect of the randomly beaded neck.

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