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Double Plafond Prototype: Add Sauvastika

plafond plus sauvastika So, I tied a sauvastika knot under the centre of the plafond knot while interlacing the side ears around the plafond frame, and then put the incoming and outgoing cords back through top and bottom frame parts. I have my double diamonds in their frame, but the sauvastika ears are not balanced. The knot is not properly symmetric across the major axes. I wasn’t expecting success at this juncture, but it’s close.

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter 'N'

orange letter n tied with plafond and sauvastika knots Moving through the rainbow in a predictable Western sort of way (almost google-ish? 8) the letter ‘N’ is orange. I wanted each knot to be from a different knot family as well, and for the nicely straight parts of the ‘N’, the plafond seemed like a good choice. For the corners, something with more built in flexibility would be needed. When I look at the centre of the plafond knot, what I see is the centre of the sauvastika knot. Perhaps this follows logically from the fact that both are built out of interlinked simple overhand knots, but maybe not.

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