Knotty Notions

Finished Instructions for The The Creeper Knot (攀緣結)

creeper knot black and white edged in greyFinished adding text to the scanned step-by-step images for the creeper knot. A relatively lonely knot in the Chinese knotting pantheon, it seems to have been not embraced by Japanese or Korean artisans (I have found no mentions and hence no translations). Even Ashley has no mention of it although I did find an extension, the caterpillar knot.

creeper with flower knots adorning each loopI decided to fancify a creeper knot with some blossoms as it were. The knots are all 2 overlap square flowers. The obvious 3 ears had the 2o4f’s added to them as well as the structural loops, just to see how it would go. I think it’s fairly successful although the end that exits on top is somewhat aesthetically displeasing, so I tucked it through one of the flower ears to hold it out of the way.

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