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Korean Braiding Stand

You see the pictures of Korean braiding stands from time to time. The hard core Korean knot tyers braid their own cord. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery and just as a sculptural object, nifty looking. I have yearned after one for years.

My newly dear friend, Beth, has a friend in Korea who found this for me. It is a 다회틀 (da-hoe-teul). Dahoe is Korean cord. Teul translates as frame. Similar and for most intents and purposes functionally equivalent to a kakudai. No offense to our Japanese friends (or my own lonely and neglected kakudai), but the da-hoe-teul is just prettier.

The practical and interested among you may ask: how much? 800 000 Won not including shipping or tariffs or… which will probably push it over CAD $800 at least. Which makes it a 2 spouse purchase decision… and the answer was “yes”!! (have I mentioned how wonderful my guy is, lately? 8)

Clicking around we find that this NewShinSa is a maedup store. They sell cord and other tools including a tassel frame/construction tool and tassel strand spinner/twister tool plus fids or marlinespikes (or 끈송곳 rin-song-got).

Also, there’s a gallery.

Now, I don’t know if the Korean friend is looking around to see if there are any other sources (cheaper, please? 8) or not, but I’m pretty sure I know what my future holds. 8)


history of braiding stand

Do you have any idea how far back this stand can be traced or documented. I am trying to find the earliest mention of tools involved in the art of braiding.

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