Good Luck Variations 4: Flowery Inset Ears

4 sided good luck knot with inset flower ears In the book as a variation, so I tied it, the 4-flower inset ears could be any knot. Simply tie 3 in your cord and then lay out your good luck knot with the knots at the end of the cross shape and tie as as you would the good luck with inset ear. Ms. Chen stops there, but why would you want to do that? When done, your cord ends hang in the 4th side ear. So, tie another flower (or whatever you’ve decided to put in your ears 8).

4 sided good luck knot with inset flower ears with mistake I don’t know how much you can learn from my mistakes, but the above knot was not my first attempt. Here’s one with a wrong tuck. On further inspection, I might be able to fix it, but it certainly would have been much easier to try if I had discovered the error before fully tightening the knot!

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