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Good Luck Variations 9: Reverse Corner Crown

4 sided good luck reverse corner crown variant 小耳翼疊壓吉祥結E型 little ear wing fold pressure lucky/auspicious knot E type/build/model Type 5 Good Luck Knot with Small Outer Loops

Take your standard first step for a good luck knot (counter clockwise in this case), flip it over, then crown the corner loops (clockwise in this case). The result is symmetric with the front and back looking the same.

I still haven’t found my copy of Lydia Chen’s The Complete Book of Chinese Knotting (English version of Chinese Knotting 3 yet, but I got it out of the local library local library so I can give you the illuminating official English translation of the name (Type 5 Good Luck Knot with Small Outer Loops). I’ll go back and add to the previous posts their appropriate versions as well.

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