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The intermediate THCA and ZGJ tests compared

As you can see from the concordance section at the bottom, there is remarkably little intersection between the THCA and ZGJ intermediate tests. A few of ZGJ’s intermediate items are in THCA’s basic test but many more are in THCA’s advanced test and instructor test. Much of the compound knot section of the THCA intermediate test is concerned with a larger knot capped by 2 square (4) cloverleaf knots with the side ears of the bottom cloverleaf combined with ears from the main knot into triangular (3) cloverleaf knots. The shape strongly reminds me of amphoras, so I’m using that term to refer to this set of compound knots.

Also, in the intermediate tests, the “problem” of inversions is introduced. The THCA intermediate test and the ZGJ advanced test have cases where a knot and the same knot turned 180° are both specified. I can see the point (which is clearer in the ZGJ test where the knots are not finished as they are in the THCA test) in that you need to know how to tie the knot in sequence for a more complex work rather than just in isolation and in those cases, whether the knot tapers at the top or the bottom might matter. Still it looks strange on the test and makes me want to reduce the count on how many knots you need to know.

Similarly, the THCA test has the sideways double connection knot listed 3 times, once in isolation and twice more with different ways to chain them together. I really think that these should count as duplicates. Even clearer is in the case of TI14 (the tassel knot) which a repeat of TB14.

檢定分級一中級 (jiǎndìng fēnjí - zhōngjí)
THCA medium / Intermediate Test
(21 knots (3 duplicates), 19 compound knots with 5 inversions; Page 41-43)

01. 團錦結(八耳)		(Tuán jǐn jié (bā ěr)		/ round brocade knot (octagonal))
02. 梅花結		(méihuā jiē			/ plum blossom knot)
03. 橫藻井結		(héng zǎojǐng jié		/ plafond knot (horizontal))
04. 長鈕釦結		(zhǎng niǔ kòu jié		/ long button knot)
05. 長鈕釦結(雙頭長鈕釦)	(zhǎng niǔ kòu jié (shuāng tóu zhǎng niǔ kòu) 	/ long button knot (inline)) 
06. 寶結(二寶2套)		(bǎo jié (èr bǎo 2 tào)		/ 2x2 bao knot)
07. 寶結(三寶2套)		(bǎo jié (sānbǎo 2 tào)		/ 3x2 bao knot)
08. 寶結(四寶2套)		(bǎo jié (sì bǎo 2 tào)		/ 4x2 bao knot)
09. 長雙聯結		(zhǎng shuāng liánjié		/ triple connection knot)
10. 長雙聯結		(zhǎng shuāng liánjié		/ quadruple connection knot)
11. 加耳雙聯結(單線) 	(jiā ěr shuāng liánjié (dānxiàn) 	/ inline double connection knot w ear)
12. 橫雙聯結(雙線)		(héng shuāng liánjié (shuāng xiàn)	/ chained sideways double connection knot)
13. 橫雙聯結		(héng shuāng liánjié		/ sideways double connection knot)
14. 綬帶結		(shòudài jié			/ tassel knot (why the duplicate?))
15. 梅花結(二)		(Méihuā jiē (èr)		/	stacked plum blossom knot)
16. 梅花結(三)		(méihuā jiē (sān)	/ stacked plum blossom knot hourglass variant)
17. 梅花結(四)		(méihuā jiē (sì)	/	stacked plum blossom knot tall variant)
18. 祥雲結(基本形)		(xiángyún jié (jīběnxíng)	/ lucky cloud knot (basic))
19. 祥雲結(加長形)		(xiángyún jié (jiāzhǎng xíng)	/ lucky cloud knot (extended))
20. 錦囊結(單平結起手)	(jǐn náng jié (dān píng jié qǐ shǒu)	/ ocean plat)
21. 錦囊結(雙錢結起手)	(jǐn náng jié (shuāng qián jié qǐ shǒu)	/ prolong knot)
A01. 盤長應用		(pán zhǎng yìngyòng	/	mystic ringed by cloverleaves)
A02. 寶結應用		(bǎo jié yìngyòng	/	4x2 bao ringed by cloverleaves)
A03. 團錦應用		(tuán jǐn yìngyòng    /  octagonal round brocade ringed by cloverleaves)
A04. 酢漿蝴蝶(倒)		(cù jiāng húdié (dào)	/	cloverleaf butterfly inverted)
A05. 酢漿蝴蝶(正)		(cù jiāng húdié (zhèng)		/ cloverleaf butterfly)
A06. 盤長應用(三)		(Pán zhǎng yìngyòng (sān)	/ mystic + cloverleaf + double coin)
A07. 盤長應用(四)		(pán zhǎng yìngyòng (sì)	/ mystic + cloverleaf + double coin)
A08. 團錦結蝴蝶(倒)	(tuán jǐn jié húdié (dào)	/	brocade+double coin butterfly inverted)
A09. 團錦結蝴蝶(正)	(tuán jǐn jié húdié (zhèng)	/ brocade+double coin butterfly)
A10. 雙錢勾連(單線編法二)	(shuāng qián gōulián (dānxiàn biān fǎ èr)	/ ring of double coin knots side chained with top loops linked)
A11. 十全		(shí quán		/	ten accord knot)
A12. 六合		(liùhé		/		six unity)
A13. 五福		(wǔfú	/			five happiness)
A14. 盤長應用(一)		(pán zhǎng yìngyòng (yī)	/ mystic amphora knot)
A15. 盤長應用(二)		(pán zhǎng yìngyòng (èr)	/ mystic amphora knot inverted)
A16. 團錦應用(一)		(tuán jǐn yìngyòng (yī)		/ brocade amphora knot)
A17. 團錦應用(二)		(tuán jǐn yìngyòng (èr)		/ brocade amphora knot inverted)
A18. 寶結應用(一) 	(bǎo jié yìngyòng (yī) 	/	4x2 bao amphora knot inverted)
A19. 寶結應用(二)		(bǎo jié yìngyòng (èr)	/	4x2 bao amphora knot)
标题: 学习中国绳结分级达标-中级大纲
ZGJ Learning Chinese knot grading standards - Intermediate test
(30 knots (6 were in the THCA Basic), 14 compound knots or projects (2 were in the THCA Basic))

一. 单结部分 (Single knot section)

  1. 长双联结 (A long double bond / triple connection knot)
freehand video:

  1. 横双联结 (horizontal double connection / sideways double connection)
    direct video tutorial:
    Picture tutorial:
    picture tutorial:

  2. 单线纽扣结 (single-line button knot / inline button knot)

  1. 团锦结:(六耳团锦,八耳实心团锦,八耳空心团锦)
    Brocade knot: (six ears Brocade, eight ears solid brocade, eight ears hollow brocade)
    Round brocade knot: (6o2 cloverleaf, 8o3 cloverleaf, 8o2 cloverleaf)
freehand (6o2):
freehand video (8o3):

  1. 绶带结 (Ribbon tie / tassel knot)
    picture tutorial:

  2. 攀缘结 (Climbing knot / creeper knot)

  1. 万字结 (Million words knot / sauvastika knot)

  1. 藻井结 (caisson well / plafond knot)

  1. 祥云结 (Auspicious cloud knot / lucky cloud knot)

  1. 龟背结 (Turtle knot)

  1. 宝结:(二宝,三宝,四宝) [Bao Jie: (two treasures, Sambo, Si Bao) / bao knot (2x3 bao, 4x3 bao, 3x4 bao)]
    2x3 bao:
    3x4 bao:
    3x3 bao freehand video:
    4x3 bao freehand:
    4x3 bao video:

  2. 星辰结(五耳,八耳) [Star knot (five ears, eight ears) / stellar knot (pentagonal, octagonal)]
freehand video:

  1. 盘长磬结 (long plate knot / stone chime knot)

  1. 复翼盘长 (Reciprocating wing length / 3x3 pan chang/mystic with concentric ears)
freehand video:

  1. 复翼盘长磬结 (Recovery wing long 磬 knot / 4x4 stone chime with concentric ears)
freehand video:

  1. 长盘长 (long plate length / 2x4 pan chang/mystic knot)
    The two long long, asked to look at the completion of the map (that is, no process map), compiled out.
    freehand video:

  2. 花箍系列:注意都要人字面 (Hoops series: attention must be literal / flower hoop knots)
(3L5B) 三股五花video:
(3L7B) 三股七花freehand video:
(4L5B) 四股五花freehand video:

  1. 有轴冰花:两种方法都要掌握 (Shaft Binghua: Both methods have to master / ice flower on rails)
    1)先有轴,再编冰花 (First axis, and then edited ice / apply knot over rails) 2)先编冰花,再穿轴 (first Bingbing, then wear the shaft / apply rails to completed knots)

  1. 万字变化:万字攀缘,叠翼万字 (million changes: the word climbing, folding wing million words / sauvastika variants: sauvastika creeper, sauvastika with overlapping ears)

二. 组合应用 (Combination application)
A01. 盘长蝴蝶(Long plate butterfly/mystic butterfly w double coin wings)

A02. 盘长,酢浆草结扇形组合 (Tray length, shamrock fan-shaped combination / 2x2 mystic 1/2 ringed by square cloverleaf + double connection)

A03. 单线盘长,双钱勾连 (Single-line long, double money hook / 2 2x2 mystics and square cloverleaf into square cloverleaf with double coin merged ears + double connection in and out)

A04. 法轮结 (Falun knot / 2x2 mystic ringed by square cloverleaf with linked ears)

以上三个组合的教程链接如下 (The tutorials for the three combinations above are linked as follows)

A05. 盘长酢浆草组合:盘长抓耳翼小包饰 (Oxalis plate combination of long: catch long ears package small bag decorated / crossed 2x2 mystic double amphora)

A06. 四宝蝴蝶,龟背结,祥云结组合(蝶恋花) [Si Bao butterfly, turtle knot, clouds combination of clouds (butterflies love flowers) / double connection, inverted mystic butterfly, double connection x 2, turtle knot, lucky cloud, double connection]

A07. 斜卷结:蝴蝶 (Oblique roll knot: Butterfly / macramé butterfly)

A08. 斜卷结: 三角粽 (oblique roll knot: Triangle dumplings / macramé trigonal bipyramid)

A09. 五瓣花箍环 (Five flower hoop ring / 3L5B ring)

A10.三宝小包饰 (Sambo packet decorated / double connection, square cloverleaf, snake knot x 3, 3x4 bao w triangular cloverleaf ears (merged with top square cloverleaf) and 2 square cloverleaf (corner) ears, double connection, bead, double connection, leaf knot finished ends)

A11. 2*2冰花教程:(两种方法都可以) [2 * 2 ice flower tutorial: (two methods can be)]
1)固定板上制作教程 / Make a tutorial on the board
2)freehand freehand tutorial:

A12. 有轴冰花应用:花贴 (Axis ice application: Floral stickers / octagonal (8) round brocade with ring of ice flower knot embellishment)

A13. 团锦滚边 (Group Jin piping / embellished hexagonal (6) round brocade)

A14. 万字攀缘应用:万字双攀缘蝴蝶 (10000 words climbing application: Double word climbing double butterfly / twinned sauvastika creepers)

Test Item Concordance

TI01 = ZI04b
TI02 = ZI10
TI03 = -- plafond knot (horizontal)
TI04 = ZA01
TI05 = -- long button knot (inline)
TI06 = ZI11a (2x2 vs 2x3 bao)
TI07 = ZI11c (3x2 vs 3x3 bao)
TI08 = ZI11b (4x2 vs 4x3 bao)
TI09 = -- triple connection knot
TI10 = ZI01
TI11 = ZI02a
TI12 = ZI02b
TI13 = ZI02a (TI11 is essentially a duplicate of TI13)
TI14 = -- (duplicate of TB14)
TI15 = -- next bunch of mat knots are not in the ZGJ tests
TI16 = --
TI17 = --
TI18 = ZI09a
TI19 = ZI09b
TI20 = ZA06
TI21 = ZA07
TIA01 = ZIA04
TIA02 = --
TIA03 = --
TIA04 = --
TIA05 = --
TIA07 = ZIA03
TIA08 = --
TIA09 = --
TIA10 = -
TIA11 = --
TIA12 = --
TIA13 = --
TIA14 = --
TIA15 = --
TIA16 = --
TIA17 = --
TIA18 = --
TIA19 = --

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