Kyoto Talk 005: Mizuhiki & Hanamusubi - Japanese Knotting

Notes: The histories of Japan clearly record the wrapping of a gift from China to the Japanese Emperor in 607CE which so impressed him with its elegance that it gave rise to the art of mizuhiki. Hanamusubi is obviously an art closely related to mizuhiki, although hanamusubi’s rise is closely tied to the introduction of Buddhism (in the 6th century, gaining mass acceptance closer to the 8th century)

Text: Chinese gift to the Japanese Emperor in 607CE gives rise to the arts of mizuhiki and hanamusubi.

Japanese expressions for “Korean knot”: Shiragikumi Koraiuch

a mizuhiki knot on a card

Annotation: The card image is, no doubt, from some shopping site. The palanquin image, however, was scanned from one of my books. My latest Japanese tea bag one, I’m guessing. I’ll post the particulars later.

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