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Korean knotting videos: ssamzisarang

South Korean ssamzisarang has been posting videos about Korean culture. They look somewhat like short segments from TV (interstitials?), but original or not, the video compression was dialed way up, at least on the good luck (chrysanthemum) knot video. The soundtracks on the videos are kinda distracting which makes me think that they are not professional productions, but I could easily be wrong.

In any case, there are only 2 knot-relevant videos:
동심결매듭 전통매듭 korean knot which is the good luck (chrysanthemum) knot and a 4 ear variant
전통매듭 Korean Knots - 자리매듭 brooch knot 만들기 which shows the ocean plat, if I’m not mistaken.

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