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Link Dump 2009.01.04

Pictures Some wacky artisan (interior design firm??) from the Netherlands is taking spongy looking “cords” and knitting them, they also tie really big knots… just follow the link and look! 8) [via]

Some knotted wallhangings from a cultural website.

From the same site comes another set of pictures (note, they translated the button knot as the buckle knot. That confused me for a while…)

Interesting jewelry. Some knotted, some just evoking knots.

Picture of a sizable mystic knot accompanies a blog with numerous links to knotting how-to videos.

Things to see and do Learn Chinese knotting at the China Culture Center in Beijing [via]

Or learn Chinese knotting in Taipei at the Community Services Center

The Museum of Fine Art, Houston (Texas) has a gallery devoted to Korean art, including maedup.

A how-to video for the plafond knot using a method I have not seen before

Things to buy Abstract mystic knot chandelier findings.

Pretty pins for sale from an artisan in Hawaii

CLineCreations is an Esty shop that sells pretty knotted things

Books The Calgary Public Library system has 6 copies of Kim Sang Lan’s maedup book (translated into English from the original French) Decorative Knot Craft–1&uri=link=3100035~!1072471~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab100&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!cpl_production&term=Lan%2C+Kim+Sang&index=PAUTHOR

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