Link Dump 2009.01.11

Things to see and do
Take Chinese knotting classes from the Palos Verdes Library District (Rolling Hills Estates, CA) on January 30, 2009

See a Chinese knot demo at “Chinese Family Art Sunday” at the Emerald Art Center, 500 Main St., Springfield (?), OR

Learn Chinese knotting from the Chinatown Cultural Center in Shanghai (via)

Chinese knotting demos at the Bangsar village, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia until Jan 24, 2009.

More about the Museum of Fine Art, Houston (Texas) Korean art exhibit that I mentioned last week.

Great big Chinese knots (new year decorations) at the Liang Court Shopping Mall in Singapore. I wonder where I could get the cord they use to tie those big ones…

A New Yorker says she wants to learn Chinese knotting. I wonder what should be done about that… 8)

The LA Times talks bow ties.,0,909647.story

The story of a tie collector.

A pageant in Hawaii (the Narcissus), for those of Chinese ancestry, considers knotting to be a core skill for their contestants.

Things to buy
Celtic knots tied by a Scot in satin cord.

A fellow Vancouverite sells knotted dragonflies

Knotted fish wall hanging (via)

There’s a tiny mention in this article about Babette Coffey Fisch who links ceramics with Chinese knotting. Tea pots? Unless she is also a producer of dance films, the ‘net can tell me nothing about her…

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