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mickey and minnie mouse toys Apropos to the theme of the last 2 weeks or so, a brace of Good Luck knot related links:

Marta Ribeiro e Cunha, an origami jewelry maker who also dabbles in knotting, has made a good luck knot necklace. Have a browse around her site to see a number of other knotted jewelry objects. I get the feeling that there’s an Etsy store or something similar there. She refers to customers in one post, but there’s no shop link that I could find within 4 clicks (and if this is a blog that promotes a shop, really should it be that hard? 8)

Linda, an atomic physicist PhD candidate and polyglot, is learning to tie knots starting with the good luck knot. As is fitting for an academic, she shares her experience and some how-to instructions.

Things to see and do
At the Washington State History Museum they’re holding an exhibit called WITH OUR HANDS: World Folk Art Traditions of Washington, a 10 month long exhibit running from now until August 23, 2009. In April 18-19, 2009, they will hold a World Folk Arts Festival which will include Rosalind Wang of Vancouver, WA who will demonstrate traditional Chinese knot tying and paper cutting (via). Another demonstration will involve “traditional chainsaw art”. What on earth is traditional about chainsaws?!?

Joan Babcock, mistress of micro-macramé, is teaching a square knotted Josephine knot pendant workshop at Bead Fest Santa Fe on March 14, 2009.

The Kuching High School Red Crescent Youth Unit in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia are organizing a knotting course taking place on 8 February 2009.

Celebrations of the Lunar new year with cultural demos at the Beijing Capitol Museum run through to February 10, 2009 include “silk knots”. Admission is free, but reservations are required as only 4000 people a day can be accommodated.

A Singaporean artist blogs about meeting Madame Tang who does Chinese knotting demos in Singapore.

Things to buy
A blog that discusses a toy set that was released last year (year of the rat/mouse) in Hong Kong. Chinese-ified Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurines. I like that the publicity specifically mentions the knotted details on Minnie, although the knot on Mickey is more complex but jade trumps knots I guess.

Yazmin, a jewelry crafter is worried about the CPSIA which, I’m sure, will be sad for many people. On a happier note, however, she’s interested in learning Chinese knotting to add to her jewelry.

The blogging voice of an online craft shop, blogs about Chinese Knots using familiar pictures. 8(

Other knotty stuff
Students in Chicago tie together fleece-knotted blankets for the local children’s hospital,6_1_NA29_BLANKETS_S1.article


I have always been fascinated

I have always been fascinated with origami jewelry making. I think the craft involves a higher level of effort and creativity to make, compared to the usual luxury jewelry we know. Anyways, thanks for the links Carol! These are exactly what I need for my comprehensive blog directory. Cheers! Debbie
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