Link Dump 2009.02.15

stellar flares tying themselves into knots Things to see and do
The Capital Museum in Beijing has 12 workshops every week, from Tuesday to Saturday, both in the morning and afternoon. Are the workshops just for local kids? Are they just for around New Years? Unknown at this time, but one of the things you can do is to learn how to “knitting Chinese knots,” among other Chinese handcrafts.

Hmm, over in Toronto at BeadFX they’ve imported someone from Mexico to teach Chinese knotting. What’s up with that? (via)

How to with illustrations for the cross knot from the Mysterious China Blog

The IWOM continues to post knot-relevant things, often with pretty pictures, unlike some other promising blogs we’ve seen in the past. sigh

FitSugar talks about shoelace knots (reef vs granny) including a how-to video.

Daffydil Tan makes a necklace with beads and knotted string

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri held Chinese New Year celebrations which included knot tying seminars.

A joke involving frogs, mosquitoes and knots. Told by someone for whom English is not their first language. Enjoy. 8)

Someone describing the knots they learned at camp including the dead knot and the double dead knot. Wonder what those are. 8)

Rick Lawrence has invented the Fish-N-Fool knot, winner of the Knot Wars 2009 run annually by the North American Fishing Club

An exhortation to learn your knots (for fly fishing) and links to websites to help you do so.

Pretty pictures
A house decorated with Chinese knots for the New Year.

An article about stellar jets and knots. The stars themselves tie knots. Is it an overhand knot if you have no hands?

A tutorial for using KnotPlot on the Mac

Knotplot can be used for real knots, have a look

A mathematician asks for suggestions for materials with which to teach knots.

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