Link Dump 2009.03.15

stainless steel tableware with overhand knots tied in them Articles
A series of articles (in English at the link) published in a Spanish art magazine by a German writer (?). The topics range from quipus to computer generated but physical Gordian knots.

During their annual spring sale which was March 12-15, 2009, Knit Purl in Portland, OR was giving free mini-workshops. One of which was “Chinese Knot”. Was it a knitting stitch called “Chinese Knot” or was it, y’know, actual Chinese knotting? Any Portland resident/visitors actually know?

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at the Indian River Life-Saving Station Museum in the Delaware Seashore State Park they had a class on making turks-head knot bracelets, which are also called sailor’s bracelets.

Things to buy
A scout/guide style badge. Silly and cheap, but currently out of stock.

Mary Jurek ties (overhand) knots in stainless steel cutlery and tableware.

Apparently Slumdog Millionaire (haven’t seen it) started a new fashion trend of the moment with long lightweight scarves. Vague scarf wearing instructions at the link. There may also be a video, but with Javascript and such turned off I’m not sure and don’t care enough to turn it on and find out.

A website with instructions for tying a tie is an invention? You be the judge.

A blog post from someone who has come across Chinese knotting on the ‘Net. Someone for whom English not their first language.

This week, Tying It All Together shows us how to tie a cargo net.

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