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Link Dump 2009.05.24b

A. G. Lindsay writes an article about how to finish your braids (15 pages). (via)

A see and share style event in Montreal on April and I couldn’t go. 8( But at least we can see the pictures.

The math behind maypole braids

Dogs and kumihimo don’t mix. The sensitive may want to avert their eyes.

About the Korean (dahoe) origins of kumihimo.

A bit more detail on the same.

A lengthy introduction/summary on kumihimo from an SCAer studying the topic.

Glass bead artist, Dora Schubert takes up kumihimo and tells us all about it.

Robin obsesses about kumihimo and friendship bracelets.

Brief blurb from Diana Kirkpatrick who enjoyed a class with the fabulous Carol Franklin.

A story of boys learning kumihimo from Trish Goodfield.

Bev takes the braiding outside.

A Nigerian (Anne) blogger has a German perspective on kumihimo.

A kumihimo necklace with pendant.

Beaded kumihimo.

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