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Link Dump 2010.03.25

The Dong-Lim Korean knotting museum in Seoul, Korea has it’s own website!! Tell you later after I have at it with some brute force clicking and online translators what especially cool treasures (I hope!) lie within…

Preparing for their upcoming Paracord contest, Instructables has posted a collection of example paracord projects.

“This week, West Swamp Mennonite Church in Milford is holding its fifth annual knotting marathon called Why Knot.” What they’re knotting are blankets. I’m not really sure what “knotting comforters” entails, but it certainly sounds like it’s for a good cause (sending blankets to Haiti).

“STARTALK is a Chinese language and culture camp that will be held June 13-27 where high school students will stay in the Barrett Honors College for 15 days, getting a taste of college life, immersing themselves in learning the Chinese language and culture, and meeting other Arizona high school students.” including Chinese knotting, images of which are prominently featured in the article link below. Hosted by Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ

Weekly maedeup classes in Seorae Global Village Center, Seoul, Korea. More details at the link.

The Chinese Linguistic School of Phoenix has a Chinese knotting club led by Mrs. Su-Heng Lin. The club, along with others presented their work during 2010 Phoenix Chinese Week.

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton, AB apparently gives the occasional course in Chinese knotting.

The Korean Cultural Service of New York, associated with the Korean Consulate General in New York, NY, has been known to give Korean knotting classes.

Note: I know some of the things I bring up, especially in Events can be kind of vague. The intention here is to give the motivated learner or networker the tools to seek local/associated information for themselves if so desired. The information, classes, and people are right there if you want to reach out and initiate something. 8)

Things to make
A text only how to for tying knots between beads. This is pearl knotting if the beads being used are pearls.

Linking to a video how to for the josephine knot/carrick bend/double coin knot.

Three colour cord made on the Trollen wheel (wooden slotted braiding disc).

A collection of friendship bracelet links: how tos and patterns

eHow presents a how to video for the constrictor knot from Robert Segundo

In the news
Apparently, people will line up to watch fly fisher Lefty Kreh tie knots.

Pretty pictures
Minda Moriwaki (Japanese manga and knot artist)

Tatiana Mikhailova (Russian “pensioner” and knot artist) done mostly in (ironically?) Russian braid or soutache.

chris513518 has a flickr set of jewelry, much of which is knotted.

Klunkermonster makes a pearl pendant with a wired knot in the middle.

A slightly blurry but still interesting picture of a Chinese knot collection of unknown provenance.

Lily blogs with pictures about some necklaces she’s made with snake knots.

Sunnrray makes a snazzy double coin necklace with a beaded tube.

Susan Dods is selling (?) has collected (?) this interesting necklace that combines beads with mystic, button and turks head knots. A lot of work here…

A Chinese knotting class being taught at the Bejing Jewelry Club is described in this blog post

A brief mention of knotted works as souvenirs from China.

Pictures of an interesting lanyard with … goose calls (?) hanging off of it in this blog post

Barbara Lewis went to a flea market and, among other things, came back with an interesting Chinese knot tassel.

A short essay about the Hercules/Herakles knot in jewelry design

A profile/interview of handbag (with knotted details) designer Katherine Kwai

A brief and speculative history of the necktie.

Wonder How To points us to a youTube video about tying the double Windsor knot for your necktie needs.

Things to buy
The content seems to be Korean, it’s written in English and the contact email is in Japan. I’m not sure what to make of this, but it’s got maedeup works priced cheaply…

Of course, not long after my last purchase from China Sprout, they have a new listing for a Chinese knotting instructional DVD that I haven’t seen before, at least based on the box art. sigh The descriptions not all that earth shattering though. I’m still working up the courage to buy one of the 10 DVD juggernaut sets for maedeup available from Korea. Will they work in my DVD player or computer? How much will I get out of them? Will they be worth the cost, shipping and highly probably tariff?

A Celtic/Chinese knot necklace. The jade tips it towards Chinese, but the green tips it back towards Celtic… 8)

In Korean, it looks like a wholesaler of fans with knotted tassels.

A new (to me) English maedeup book written by South African artist and teacher Elsabe J van Rensburg (via)

A free download of Andrew Adamides’ Knots: An Illustrated Practical Guide to the Essential Knot Types and Their Uses. A PDF scan of the book is making the rounds of download sites.

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